I grew up a long time ago, or it seems that way to me. My dad was the generation that found their rewards in job security and bringing home the bacon. Creativity, while not quite a dirty word, was okay as a part of childhood. Something you could express with finger paints or piano lessons, but that you were expected to jettison as you matured and moved into the adult world, the corporate world, The Real World.

Creative Catalyst in the Corporate World

My family at first assumed, and then hoped I’d grow out of my musician stage to enter the corporate world. Well after all these years I finally have…but not really. I’m only in the corporate world as a creative catalyst – I’m relevant because creativity has entered the corporate world as a powerful and valued attribute. Companies realize employees who are can create and innovate will lead. Our ability to synthesize lots of information, to compare, to contrast and to humanize our experience determines how we’ll function as team members, what new ideas we’ll bring to the table, which products we’ll create, and whether our organizations will stay relevant, cutting edge and ultimately, profitable.

Automation and computers do so much. Thus our creative ability is what differentiates us and makes us valuable. Now we have to be creative to make it in the real world. Right brain talent is in demand. I’m busy. I’m busy creating songs with corporate groups, enabling organizations to tell their stories. Why is this important to my clients? Because it allows employees to embrace their creative side and celebrate the value this brings, both personally and organizationally.

Several years ago I’d never heard of Team Building Through Song – I kinda, sorta made it up – based on a lot of cool stuff I’d seen, but making it my own. That’s what creative people do. We don’t work in a vacuum. We absorb, we process, we share and discuss with others. We synthesize. And then with any luck it all comes back out in a unique way; as a new product, a problem solved and sometimes – even as a song.

  • What is your organization doing to create and innovate?
  • If you don’t know, you need to find out.
  • If you haven’t started, now’s the time.
  • Creativity is the Real WorldCreativity is the Real World.


About Billy Kirsch

Billy is a Grammy & Emmy nominated, CMA & ACM award winning songwriter with numerous Top 10 hits to his credit. His team building programs and keynote speaking presentations help people tap into their creative abilities to become more innovative and engaged in their work. Clients include Fortune 100 companies and organizations throughout the world.