Have you ever done a google search for, how to build a successful team? I have and the results are endless. Most articles tend to follow similar themes; being aware of how you work and making sure to delegate. Most leaders want to develop a high performing team, but are not sure how to do just that. Here are some thoughts and steps you can take to better understand how to build a successful team.

Start With Questions

Why is each person here?

If you were to look around at the people in your office would you be able to say each person’s name and explain what they do? If not, you might need to add that to your list of things work on. Think of a baseball field. Every person on the field is there for a specific reason with a unique purpose. The pitcher pitches the ball and the catcher catches it; one complements the other. You build a successful team by making sure your team works the same way. Each person should have a skill and unique purpose.

how to build a successful team

Are you working together toward a common goal?

Why does your team exist?

It may seem silly to ask, but think about it; do you know what is everyone doing here? If you can’t give a clear answer to that question, you have work to do. It’s vital to understand individual roles and how each contributes toward team goals. It’s easy to get lost in daily tasks and forget that everyone is on the same team and should be headed in the same direction by doing complimentary work.

How does your team deal with issues?

When there is an issue in the office is there total mayhem? Do you have an effective and sensitive policy to deal with inter-personal issues? One important thing to remember when wondering how to build a successful team is that there will always be conflict when people work together. Take time to develop a culture of sensitivity, awareness, listening and fair response. In this type of environment, it’s much easier to develop trust. Trust leads to successful teamwork.

Make Time To Understand How To Build A Successful Team

Set time aside for team building activities. Taking time for team building breaks routine and provides opportunity to see your co-workers in different context. This will help you understand one another better, improving both communication and trust. And make sure to have fun along the way. Sharing fun experience creates positive memories and builds the camaraderie you’ll need to be a consistently successful team.

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