4 Team Building Activities Using Music

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I stumbled onto this ehow.com article about team building activities using music, and it made me realize I haven’t yet shared ideas I like – some of which are outside the realm of the programming we offer. So below are team building activities using music you can do yourself, or hire someone to help you with.

DIY Team Building Activities Using Music

Do it yourself ideas are always great because they are activities you can sustain without having to bring in experts, like me. Here’s a program you can facilitate for your corporate team. Have someone pick a favorite melody from a well-known song and bring in a karaoke track of that song. Put up a couple of flip charts and start with some questions around whatever topic you’d like to focus on. For example, ‘how do we feel about exceeding our sales goals?’, ‘what differentiates us from our competitors?’, ‘how would we describe our product line?’ As people share ideas, capture some key phrases on flip charts. You’ll see themes emerge – they always do. Turn one of your main themes into your song title and then have fun rhyming that title with other phrases to create a song chorus lyric that fits your song melody.

After you’ve created a song chorus, go back to brainstorming and filling flip charts with details about the work you do. Highlight details that support the theme of your chorus. Use these ideas and create your song verses. Make sure to keep referencing the karaoke track of your chosen song so your lyrics will fit the music. When your lyric is done, ask everyone to stand up and sing your song. You can easily record your performance using the digital recorders built into your smart phones. Shooting video’s a fun team building idea too!

Large Group Instrumental

I’m won’t go into too much detail about the Music Paradigm, other than that it’s a great program. Talk about your large group instrumental…how about an entire orchestra! The way an orchestra works becomes a metaphor for team work and like any great experience, the experience is paramount. In other words, this is one of the most fun and highly engaging team building activities using music. It’s not low-budget, but I’m guessing you’re worth it!


During my days as a jazz pianist in New York, it was fun to debate with the drummers in our group as to whether they were really musicians. Well of course they were, and are. And of course drumming is real music. Drumming as a team building activity is high energy, visceral, high engagement fun. A main take-away is learning how to collaborate and work together to achieve a unified result.
team building activities using music

Tell Your Story & Sing Your Song

Songs tell stories. Whether or not you consider yourself to be musical, you have songs that are part of the narrative of your life – your favorite song from high school, the first dance at your wedding – you name it. The Kidbilly Music conference energizer program enables large groups to create their corporate story through song with unbridled enthusiasm. It’s powerful because your song is your narrative, co-created by employees and leaders. As such, the level of buy-in and engagement is lasting.

4 Team Building Activities Using Music

  • DIY
  • Large Group
  • Drumming
  • Conference Energizers

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