Corporate Team Building Activities New York

Posted: May 20, 2013 by in News

Every region has it’s own unique program offerings, influenced by local culture. Corporate team building activities New York are varied with lots of great options. We recently led a team building program for  L’Oreal North American Operations in the New York tri-state area and it was one of the more memorable team building events we’ve done. Eight songwriters and myself led close to three hundred people. We broke into teams and created nine unique songs about this company’s experience.

Corporate Team Building Activities New York Goals

  • This group of company leaders wanted an activity that would enable them to celebrate success while illuminating facets of their work and their role within the larger organization.
  • They wanted to share their organizational story and mission.
  • They needed to engage and have fun in a visceral and fresh way.

After our program introduction in general session, teams went to breakout rooms and spent about two hours crafting their masterpieces.
Corporate Team Building Activities New York
One of my favorite things about this program is discovering how nine groups create different songs about similar work experience. The themes and work-life descriptions have continuity – yet each song had a different focus. From the sincere mid-tempo ballad to the irreverent bluesy song, each group found a unique way of processing and creating songs about what they do.

Team Building Through Song Performances

At the beginning of every program we lead, we encounter resistance. Most people are scared of being put on the spot, of being singled out or having to perform. But this is out-of-the-box fun that soon becomes comfortable for everyone. In fact, by the time the L’Oreal song teams took the stage at night everyone contributed with enthusiasm. A large part of the satisfaction I share with all of my Kidbilly Music facilitators is seeing the transition our clients make – from hesitant co-operation to unbridled celebration.
corporate team building activities new york