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Posted: May 5, 2011 by in Blog, Team Building

Yes, I’m biased. But I’m passionate in my belief that Team Building Through Song® is one of the best Nashville team building activities. Writing your own song in Nashville is a uniquely Music City experience in which you can take advantage of this town’s community of award winning hit songwriters.

Why Does This Work So Well?

Songs tell stories, thus professional songwriters are good storytellers. The challenge of a songwriter is to tell a complete story in the few lines of lyric contained in a typical popular song. A songwriter only has about twenty lines of verse to communicate both narrative and emotion. When done right, it’s very powerful. When someone hears a great story-song they not only relate to it, but they own it, assimilating the story with their own experience and then continuing the story, creating it anew for themselves. When we facilitate our Nashville team building activities with corporate clients, all we really do is help them tell their unique organizational stories through the songwriting process. Imagine writing your own company theme song. Rather than trying to memorize a set of values or a mission statement you can bring it to life by writing your own song that celebrates your values in a sincere, emotional way.

Recent Nashville Team Building Activities

Two recent Nashville team building events were fun and worth sharing. Last Saturday found us creating corporate stories with the Franchise/Licensee folks from Spherion Staffing. Imagine a group of 165 entrepreneurs led by 7 hit-songwriter facilitators. That’s a lot of right brain energy. We teased out the Spherion story, the message and what differentiates this great company. I never get tired of witnessing the transformation our clients experience. Creating seven songs from seven blank canvasses is inspiring, always.

Here’s an example of one team’s lyric about, well yes, Staffing:
“We’ll fix your HR pain and fill your talent void
When you have recruiting issues we’ll be your Dr. Freud
We’re like staffing on steroids, making lives better”

Nashville team building activities Team building brainstorming

Last night we brought our program to the 2011 FLC National Meeting. I was a little intimidated going in – a group of government scientists, lots of technical data to distill into a creative, musical concise format. This group was fun, really fun. In fact, containment was an issue: We had to contain infinite numbers of ideas in order to move forward toward team success, that being a complete song, of course.

The FLCnotes Song (excerpt!)
We count fish out in the ocean
We listen in on space
We make sure your food won’t kill ya
We recognize your face

 FLC Team Builders

After the past several days I’m reminded that I’m passionate our Nashville team building activities because they work; every team and every song is a new creation and that’s inspiring. And who doesn’t want to be inspired?