Everyone is looking for differentiators. Why should you choose us over another team building London program? It’s simple. We’re a worldwide leader in innovative interactive programming and we can prove it. Our team building London program stands out and delivers results. A recent client made an exhaustive search for team building London programs, focusing on companies based in the UK. They wanted a program that would engage all participants, that would provide real fun and real work to include a lasting take-away. After interviewing several UK based companies, this client came to the conclusion that our program, Team Building Through Song® was without peer and worth reaching for.

From the original germ of an idea, to the late night internet searches for someone who could match what I had in mind, to our discussions about what it is you do, right through to delivery, I can honestly say that you understood immediately what we were trying to achieve and the end results were great. Our ambition was to do something fun and I certainly saw and heard lots of laughter during those two afternoon sessions. – VIP client, London, UK(name upon request)

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Team Building London Program Highlights

  • From 30 to 90 minutes – From 50 to 2,500 participants.
  • Programs range from small group team building to large group conference energizers and keynote sessions.
  • You don’t have to be musical to have fun – Both introverts and extroverts will shine.
  • Prior to the event we work with you to understand your group dynamics and target specific goals.
  • Our group songwriting begins as we work together to create your song based on everyone’s shared experience. We explain rules of brainstorming – there are no bad ideas, no judgment, so all will feel comfortable contributing. Facilitators play the music to the song and keep the atmosphere in the room relaxed, fun and inclusive.
  • Ideas flow through the room as participants come up with song theme ideas and share them. As lyrics are created they are projected for everyone to see. There’s always lots of interaction and laughter as participants share suggestions and make them rhyme with previous ideas.
  • When the song is complete everyone joins in as we sing and record.
  • MP3s will be available for download shortly after your event.
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