Stroll down memory lane with our music team building photos. These are not poses or posers! Pictured here are real clients having real fun at our interactive events. What’s striking to us is the animation these candid pictures capture.

When you write songs with us you’ll evolve from hesitancy to the unbridled enthusiasm you see on these people’s faces. When was the last time your team looked this happy?

What Do Team Building Photos Say?

All of us know the power of a picture to evoke memory and emotion, much like a song does. I keep a black and white photo of my wife and me on my piano. The picture brings me back to a place of youth and inspiration. When I look at the photo I reconnect with the best part of myself. It helps keep me on course when I’m feeling doubtful or overwhelmed.

That picture says a lot about who I am and who I strive to be. This may sound dramatic. But a picture has that power to remind us of mission, dreams or goals. Seeing our best selves in action is often all we need to get back on course and to remember the courage of our convictions.

Team building photos have potential to provide this same power. It’s important to take time for team building; to maintain or increase trust and share positive, fun experience. It’s also really valuable to document that positive experience through pictures. You can and should create a gallery of shared experience that demonstrates what your team has achieved and gone through together.

Specific pictures can serve as pointed reminders and also as pointers toward the future. For example, captured images of a brainstorming session will remind your group that you have the ability to work well to come up with new ideas and solve problems. Captured images of a fun out of the office activity will remind your team of friendships formed and trust acquired over time. Of course, these are just a couple of examples.

Meaningful memories can be fun, intense, serious or light hearted – on task, off task, discussing mission or simply swapping stories about home life.

Get started on your team building photos now. After all, a picture is still worth a thousand words!