If you’re looking for indoor team building activities, come on inside. The weather’s great in here and you’ll have lots of fun. You’ll also do something really productive as your team members get to know one another better, communicate in new ways and see each other in a different light.

This is Team Building Through Song®, a wonderful, interactive musical program that will resonate with everyone in your group. Led by our eclectic team of award winning hit-songwriters, we deliver the best indoor team building activities anywhere. At least anywhere there’s four walls and a ceiling.

We’ve enjoyed Grammy awards, Emmy nominations, Tony nominations, Country Music Association awards and multiple top 10 and number one hit songs. But we’re most proud of our ability to keep you and your team highly engaged as you create, perform and record your songs.

See Us In Action!

Team Building You Don’t Have To Hate

  • You don’t have to be a singer or an extrovert. We’ll make you comfortable. We’ll help you laugh as you share ideas, make some music and tell your organizational story through song.
  • From 5 to 5,000 participants – 30 minutes to full day events
  • Our indoor team building activities include multi-team events, conference icebreakers, keynotes, making a music video and more.
  • At every one of our programs, you’ll create lasting take-aways with the songs you create and record. Imagine the power of having everyone work together to co-create your own theme song – a musical memory that communicates the best of who you are and what you do.
  • We’ll work closely with you to customize your event to reflect your goals and ideas. We like to be flexible, we love to help you succeed.

To say Kidbilly crushed it is an understatement. Everyone participated, from the CEO to our interns and the songs our team wrote and performed are amazing. Thank you so much, Billy and team, for driving our folks toward creative collaboration, camaraderie, and positive storytelling. The Kidbilly Music crew is ridiculously talented. We have heard from so many people that they were uncertain when they first heard the plan for the evening, but by the end had to admit that it was truly the best team building event ever. – Coni Thomas, Operations Director, CodeScience

Why Choose Music Team Building?

  • Music is truly the universal language. Whether you have a global team or a local team, music will help people forget differences and discover what they have in common. Two people from opposite sides of the world may discover they share the same favorite song. What a great way to break the ice and begin conversation about real stuff. That real stuff involves feelings. Songs evoke feelings in all of us. Most importantly, music and song allows us to connect with a side of ourselves we may not often share with our work team.
  • Why Should You Care? Trust…High performing teams establish trust that allows team members to delegate to each other, to rely on each other and to complement each other. When you collaborate as co-writers through song, you’ll engage in a process that establishes trust as you dare to share ideas that are not fully formed, to engage in out-of-the-box conversation and share your creative side without feeling judged.
  • Do You Have A Creative Side? YES!!! Everyone is creative. You may feel distant from your creative side, but we’ll re-connect you. This is important because the day-to-day problem solving you engage in at work requires creativity. We’ll simply help you re-identify with your creative power and help you feel more confident in your ability to contribute to problem solving and innovative thinking.
  • Woah – Seems A Bit Heavy. Nope. You’ll be led by entertaining songwriter-facilitators who bring you the music and the method in an effortless program. As you brainstorm ideas and develop themes, the room will come alive with laughter and interaction as you rhyme from one line to the next. You can be serious about your themes and goals, but songwriting is fun business. Even though we promise a lot, our clients are still surprised at just how much fun our indoor team building activities are.

Indoors Does Not Mean Boring Or Sedate

Just because you areindoor team building activities can be really exciting staying indoors doesn’t mean you want to be sedate. In fact, we think it’s vital that after you work with us, your participants feel like they’ve stretched; both mentally and physically. What’s great about our programs is that you can feel like you’ve stretched without literally stretching yourself out over a rock wall or an obstacle course. Honestly, songwriting and performing is a great balance between the cerebral and the physical.

After our program introduction, each of your teams will work with a songwriter-facilitator. We bring in melodies for each team and you’ll start with conversation. You’ll discuss big themes, small ideas, goals or challenges as we fill the walls with ideas. Those ideas become catchy titles, energetic song chorus’s and verses full of character.

Along the way, we’re plugging all that chatter into music and that’s energizing. By the time your song is complete everyone will be engaged. As you perform and record your original songs, there’s opportunity to sing, to play percussion instruments, harmonicas and even our nice looking air guitars. We’ve seen CFO’s working dance moves in front of hundreds of people. But there’s never pressure to perform. By the time your team song is complete, even your most introverted team members will have forgotten they didn’t want to participate.

Group Sizes & Program Options

Small teams with a handful of people to large teams including your entire company can make music with us. You can break into teams or keep your entire group together in a conference session.

Multi-Team Options: Bring your team into a world class recording studio to create and record. Divide 400 people into teams at a hotel or convention center. After your teams songs are complete, you’ll take the stage for our song competition complete with awards and judges.

Conference Session Options: Are you planning a gathering of 2,000 people or 200 people to kick-off your annual convention? What could be more intimate than to write a song. Your large group will work as one in an interactive icebreaker or energizer session that still includes opportunity for individual participation.

If you’re looking for fun indoor team building activities, we can help. In fact, we’ll make your event rock. Contact us now to learn more!