As a stand-alone event, or a closing performance after one of our music team building programs, Hit Songs & True Stories is a vibrant, entertaining and memorable show led by our Grammy
 and Emmy nominated, CMA Award winning hit songwriters. We’ve performed on Letterman, the world famous Bluebird Cafe, Carnegie Hall and The View to name just a few.

Our group of award winning songwriter-performers play their hit songs, tell personal stories about the stars who recorded them, and share the details that inspired the songs. The stories behind the songs are sometimes inspirational, sometimes funny and always entertaining. There is plenty of witty interaction between the performers who each have their own style. This is truly a special event; one that creates memories and connections of it’s own for an audience.

We work with you to customize each show to fit your needs, for small or large groups and in different settings, from corporate seminars and conventions to small concert venues.

Holes in the Floor of Heaven


Pictures of People I Love


It’s All Coming Back to Me