Washington DC Team Building

Posted: Jul 30, 2013 by in Blog, News, Team Building

Last week I had the pleasure of working with a large medical association, leading them through their Washington DC team building activity. The group was made up of a high performing team that plans meetings and events for one of the largest associations out there. Pardon the pun, but my task was to provide the team with a tune-up. Our group songwriting process enables teams to recharge, and diffuse tension that builds up over time. Even the best working teams need tune-ups from time to time.

Washington DC Team Building Goals

  • Recharge a high performing team
  • Restate goals and share best practices
  • Open better lines of communication
  • Celebrate all that’s been accomplished

When we help groups create songs around the work they do we start with simple prompts. What do you do? What new initiatives are you facing? What’s great about your job? What’s not so great? This group think and brainstorming helps team members identify the essence of their roles and the mission of their team. We help our clients take that essence and create a song around it. As a hit songwriter, I know that songs are powerful stories. Every group we work with has a powerful story they can tell. When that message is combined with music it becomes emotional and more impactful.
Washington DC team building

But bottom line is, this is fun. We’re sharing ideas, rhyming – and laughing at our rhymes. We’re creating music and experiencing the power that comes with creative success. It’s fun to make stuff up!

When In Rome…Oh I Mean DC!

Every city has it’s own unique personality that rubs off on the people who live there and the organizations that are headquartered there. So when Kidbilly Music leads Washington DC team building programs we expect to be working with non-profits through our program. As such, we’re committed to work with community centered organizations or associations. Often there’s heightened emotion that communicates when a group’s work mission supports a larger cause.