Southern California Team Building Event

Posted: Jan 14, 2013 by in Blog, News

What did I do to deserve this? The first week in January and we got to spend two days at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel. Now that’s a fantastic setting for Southern California team building. Myself, Tony Award nominee, Lauren Lucas, and LA based performer Shevy Smith led the ALTOUR leadership team through a high energy, out of the box musical team building event.

Southern California Team Building Goals

ALTOUR’s goals were quite simple;

  • Team building in the sense that everyone would have fun and get to know one another better in an informal environment.
  • Creating a concise corporate message through our Kidbilly Music group songwriting process

In this fantastic Southern Cal environment, it didn’t take long for everyone to relax and cut loose. Ideas flew around the room. And as we captured them on video screens ALTOUR’s service offerings, corporate personality and differentiators formed the basis for a great song titled, “Dream Making Reservation Superstars”. I can’t think of a better title for a worldwide travel, meeting and incentive company.

By the time the group song was complete, everyone was on their feet singing, playing tambourines, harmonica and creating opposing choral parts. I couldn’t believe how this group stepped it up, and stepped out. After we recorded the song, the company leaders did a small group rendition to everyone’s delight. I’m guessing there’s some unauthorized iPhone video floating around somewhere. After that, I performed my hit song, Holes In The Floor of Heaven and Lauren Lucas performed a song from her current CD. All in all, it was a wonderful evening – reflective of Southern California team building in every way; relaxed, emotional, cool and comfortable. Yet still full of  purpose, the program yielded a powerful take-away in the corporate song this group created.

Our Stars & Your Stars

In an event like this everyone shines. Everyone feels special in a genuine way because everyone has an opportunity to contribute their heartfelt creative ideas and be a part of something exciting. We’ve worked with artists such as Faith Hill, Ray Charles, Wynonna, Keith Urban and more. But honestly we get a huge kick out of blending our talents with our clients.

Get out-of-the-box & get with us – Tell your story & sing your song