Nashville Speaking Presentation

Posted: Feb 21, 2013 by in Blog, News, Team Building

I’ve been revisiting old blog posts lately, and came across this one on Nashville speaking presentations. I’m kinda embarrassed by that little video below, but here it will remain since the point of looking at old writing is not to extinguish the past, but merely to update and elaborate. If you’re in Music City for a Nashville speaking presentation, or for music and other events, here’s a page that’s always updated and will be a good resource for you, Upcoming Nashville Events.

But back to that video below, one I’d never post if it were today. We learn so much from our past experience, if we allow ourselves to learn. Creative people often talk about the value of failure; failure’s often more important than a successful experience because failure forces us to reconsider what we’ve been doing. Every song I submitted that was rejected by a publisher fed my drive to become a better songwriter and that led to my string of successes.

When I’m giving my Nashville speaking presentation or speaking at any event, I’m focused on creativity. Creative people are inherently risk-takers. As such, creative people know that failure is on the same coin as success, but just a different side. Below is a picture from a speaking presentation at Vanderbilt University. Lots of guitars, as you can see! Guitars help get people out of their comfort zone and into taking some risks as they learn to tap back into their inherent creative abilities.
Nashville speaking presentation

Nashville Speaking Presentation Goals

My main goals with all my speaking presentations are to create a fun, inclusive atmosphere and to make sure everyone leaves feeling confident and inspired in their ability to be more creative. So many adults believe they’re not creative because they’re far removed from the play and exploration they did when they were kids. As we grow up, the adults around us, the adults who applauded our creative pursuits when we were very young, negate the value of creativity as we get into our teen years. But at any age, we all still have great creative potential. It’s an important attribute to recognize and to continue to use.