Corporate Team Building 2014

Posted: Jan 15, 2014 by in News

Here’s a trend we’d like to set for corporate team building 2014: February’s on sale – at least here at Kidbilly Music! Book a Team Building Through Song® program for your February event and we’ll take 10% off our regular event fees. AND after your company event, we’ll treat you to a personal songwriting session via Skype with one of our hit songwriters! If you picked the short straw in your staff meeting and you’re now rushing around trying to find team building for your company’s upcoming February event we’ll bail you out and make you look like a hero.

Corporate Team Building 2014

Here’s why we’re making our February corporate team building 2014 offer.

We like to get messy, we like to be disruptive, we like to tell stories and we hate spreadsheets. If you can relate, can I hear you say “YA”. A little bit louder now, “YA”. Oh good, I heard you across the internet! As our music based team building company has grown from an idea, to a project, to an all consuming business, we’ve learned there’s value in spreadsheets. In fact, sharing one particular spreadsheet was the highlight of my company’s year end leadership retreat (that retreat includes all of us because at Kidbilly Music, everyone is a leader). Our business grew 67% in 2013. Now that’s a spreadsheet I just may frame and hang up right next to my CMA award certificate.

So we’re busy and we’re happy. But for some reason February is typically a slow month for us. Dunno why, but historically it has been. Our CRD, Lauren Lucas, came up with the idea to give you incentive to plan your team building soon.

corporate team building 2014

Our Chief Razzler Dazzler, Lauren Lucas, leading a group

Our Corporate Team Building Clients

  • Pfizer, Honeywell Aerospace, Novartis, Texas Health Resources, Kellogg’s, The Walt Disney Company and more work with us because our program’s work for them.
  • Come play with us in 2014 and become your company’s team building hero.

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