Corporate Social Responsibility

Your company team building activity can provide opportunity to include a corporate social responsibility program. In our case, we integrate our music team building with support for the arts, most notably music education in the schools. Following are blog posts that highlight examples of how we’ve delivered successful team building along with meaningful support for arts in the schools. There are also some posts about CSR in general. It’s a win-win as you can engage your team while also engaging in corporate social responsibility and making some real impact.

Chicago School Team Building

Posted: Sep 25, 2015 by

I honestly believe that every one of our team building events is special in it’s own way. Every client we work with has a unique story and every company song we help create is unique. But once in a while, something comes along that’s extra special. For me that usually revolves around my work with schools. This month I had the opportunity to lead a Chicago school team building program at the Johnson School of Excellence. This school was one of the lowest performing schools in Chicago until a few years ago. But now, as part of the Academy for Urban School Leadership and thanks to a passionate, dedicated teaching staff, this school is becoming a vibrant part of the… Read more »

CSR Team Building Goals

Posted: Aug 22, 2013 by

Much has been debated about CSR – corporate social responsibility. The debate is not about whether CSR is worthwhile. The debate’s about how it’s handled. Do companies walk the walk or just pay lip service to CSR? CSR team building can help integrate corporate social responsibility into your company culture. If you want to embark on a team building program to help bring the corporate social responsibility concept to life, the first step is to think about your CSR team building goals. CSR Team Building Goals I believe the most important of all CSR team building goals is to provide a program that enables your workforce to experience the personal satisfaction that comes from helping others. Here’s a personal example…. Read more »

Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building Activities

Posted: Apr 30, 2013 by

Most companies know that giving back to community is more than just a responsibility, it’s a chance to show that the company and it’s employees genuinely care about being part of community. It’s great when you can plan corporate social responsibility team building activities that are really fun. It’s impactful when people are enthused about the activities they’re participating in. It’s great to plan a CSR event with team building that supports both your organization and the greater community. Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building Activities If you’ve ever considered CSR team building, I’m sure you know about build-a-bike. The program’s been around for some time now. It’s real team building because groups have to work together to build bicycles, requiring… Read more »

Corporate Event Ideas

Posted: Apr 25, 2013 by

Coordinating an event for your team or business isn’t an easy task. In fact, taking the steps from informal brainstorming to planning and executing a company retreat or convention can be daunting. The first step is to decide you’re going to hold an event. Assuming you’ve done this, you need plans to ensure there will be ROI for your time and investment. To be successful you’ll need to find solid corporate event ideas you can bring to your event planning group. Choosing A Theme Will Help As a hit songwriter, I learned a long time ago that a hook (or theme) is very important. The hook is the the catchy thing, usually the song title, repeated in the chorus. While… Read more »

4 Corporate Team Building Activities Your Company Will Love

Posted: Apr 9, 2013 by

So many corporate team building activities to choose from, so much on your to-do list. Hopefully, I can help you sort through the process and narrow down your choices. Any short list is arbitrary, but below are some fun and productive events worth considering. Adventure Getaways Does your team thrive on adventure? It may not, and there are great options for teams that don’t want to go outside. But for groups that get excited at the mere thought of a field trip with challenges, take a look at this video on zip-lining in Scotland. There are ropes course programs worldwide. This video looks like fun for companies near the UK. Adventure getaways are trust building exercises. They require relying on… Read more »

Corporate Giving

Posted: Aug 7, 2012 by

It’s good politics to have a website page devoted to corporate giving and team building. And I’ve always thought we’ve done a pretty good job with our program; it’s satisfying for our clients and it really does benefit the student recipients. We do our part in working with our clients to find suitable schools that need donations. But other than some extra email time on my end, my company, Kidbilly Music, is not contributing too much sweat equity to the Corporate giving team building program.That’s about to change… Walking the Walk (singing the song!) I’m serious about my passion for learning and my life-long avocational involvement with educational institutions, on behalf of my own children, myself and our corporate event… Read more »


Posted: Jul 26, 2012 by

CSR Team Building shouldn’t be an obligation. It should be a pleasure. But quite often we find pleasure and self-fulfillment when we take on obligations we may not be initially enthused about. I didn’t want to leave the house the other day, not that I mind getting out! But I was busy being busy, and getting ready for a team building trip to NYC. So I was a little annoyed with myself for over-committing by having agreed to do a local CSR team building program for The First Tee, a non-profit that supports youth nationwide. I drove down to Franklin, TN rushed and bothered, thinking about what time I’d be back at my home office to get back to work…. Read more »

Corporate Team Building and Team Tuning

Posted: Jan 26, 2012 by

I’ve often shied away from using the term corporate team building. Strategically, I didn’t want to have less appeal to associations and non-profits that don’t fit the typical corporate team building mold. But honestly, corporate culture is where people work together closely, often in teams, with goals and project deadlines. The working relationships require team building so workers stay happy and engaged – engaged not only as individuals but as team members. The Art of Work When I’m at the piano writing a song, or immersed in a good book time zooms by. I’m in a state of contentment and animation, focused, and in the zone. When we’re creating we’re naturally engaged. The two go together. Creative team building will… Read more »

Nashville Corporate Team Building

Posted: Jan 18, 2012 by

Nashville corporate team building is almost synonymous with music team building. If you’re coming to Nashville for a convention or company meeting and team building is included in your goals, there’s nothing better than making music in Music City. Where else can you walk down the street and bump into award winning songwriters, famous record producers and maybe even spot a super star at the grocery store? Using creativity and songwriting you’ll have the opportunity to work with accomplished hit-makers as they help you tell your own story through song. The Origins of Nashville Corporate Team Building I decided to try and find the originator of musical Nashville corporate team building programs but I couldn’t find one source. It’s unique… Read more »

I Hate Team Building

Posted: Jan 12, 2012 by

I’m a creative type and as such I’ve always been a little different. As a kid, if you told me to go right, I’d go left. If everyone was doing one thing, I always wanted to do another…off by myself like a typical creative. So I really relate to potential clients who tell me they hate their team building days. I’m not one to embrace a group activity or relish the thought of being put in forced situations. So Why Does This Work? Our team of hit songwriter facilitators are all performers. We like to have fun in an unassuming non-forced way. Music is a common language that enables people to relax, to let go of inhibitions and to become… Read more »