How To Ensure Innovation in Team Building Activities

Posted: Dec 11, 2015 by

Team building activities can range from the bleak to the awe-inspiring. The goal, of course, is to bring team members together in a way that inspires them to grow and develop as individuals and as a team, ultimately produces better, more meaningful results from the collective output. However, the extent to which any given team building activity recognizes success often hinges on the amount of innovation infused into it. If you want your team building activity to succeed, your best bet is to ensure innovation is a major pillar in your team-building plan. Avoid The Team Building Activities Rut We see a lot of groups attempting to break out of their team building rut in our daily journeys—and we know… Read more »

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

Posted: Sep 9, 2015 by

Last week, I surprised a group of several hundred people by taking the stage, not with my piano, but with an unfolded fitted sheet. I don’t know how to fold a fitted sheet and that’s a problem. So I asked this group of highly skilled sales executives if anyone knew how to fold a fitted sheet. I was was met with silence. Finally, I noticed someone in the back of the room, half raising her hand. I coaxed her into coming on stage and she then showed us all how it’s done. Thunderous applause and I thought to myself, ‘yikes, how am I going to follow that?’ Can you find the person on your team who knows how to fold… Read more »

Innovation Management

Posted: Jul 24, 2015 by

The practice of creativity and innovation management should be closely linked. But too often they’re not. Too often, organizations create innovation management teams but they don’t empower them with the culture, freedom or confidence to engage in creative play, to experiment and fail. I recently spoke with a client who said his team was hampered by the proof they had to submit, before even engaging in new product ideation. As a life long hit songwriter and pianist I’m always aware that for every success I have, there will be many more ideas discarded. Companies need to keep that in mind too! Create a Culture for Innovation Management Failure – Failure is a great thing. It means your team is trying… Read more »

Time Off To Innovate

Posted: Mar 13, 2014 by

The following post was written by Tony nominated songwriter, Lauren Lucas. Lauren is our CRD (chief razzler dazzler). Has your boss ever told you that they’d like to pay you to slow down and take time off every week just for thinking? Mine has. In fact, it caught me so off guard that I actually pushed back and argued that I needed to be working more. Perhaps it should also be noted that I may not be the brightest crayon in the box. Kidbilly Music is a small company, so a small number of people wear a lot of different hats. Our President and founder, Billy Kirsch, likes to refer to our corporate culture as a “Malarkey-archy,” which is a… Read more »

An Innovation Mindset

Posted: Oct 26, 2012 by

I’m in overdrive this morning, buzzing about my to-do list and buzzing on caffeine; about to dive into this blog post with an eye on the clock so I can cross this off my list…Does that sound familiar to you? As my fingers fly across the computer keyboard typing meaningless words, I realize what a hypocrite I’m being and I STOP. Breathe, relax, slow down and re-focus….ahh, now I’m in the frame to create and share this message with you. The only reason most of you read my blog posts is because you count on me to be honest, reflective and sometimes to get you to chuckle. Overwhelment, Change & Innovation Well chuckle at this: I’m feeling strategically challenged. Don’t… Read more »

Learning, Leaping and Team Building

Posted: Jun 9, 2011 by

Even though it was quite some time ago I remember the phone call from one of my daughter’s friends, Aliza. She said she was ‘no good’ at soccer. She really wanted to join the team but she was afraid. Context here: This girl was about ten years old at the time. (Did I mention I was the soccer coach…) Without even thinking I responded to Aliza, “Aliza, at your age there’s no way you’re ‘no good’ at soccer. You’re just inexperienced and the only way to gain experience is to come out and play.” Aliza did join the team and I remember she had a great time. As an inexperienced soccer coach/dad I focused intently on creating a good time… Read more »

Something New

Posted: Dec 27, 2010 by

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. In fact, I haven’t made one in quite some time. I recently asked a friend of mine, whose wisdom I respect, what he does. He told me he doesn’t make resolutions either, but he assigns himself a task. Every year he sets out to learn something new. So rather than resolving to change an existing habit, he’s setting out to create a new experience, ensuring that he’ll experience the excitement that comes with learning and growth. My son, Julian, is taking AP US History this year. I decided to get a copy of the text book for myself and read it along with Julian, to help him study for tests. Well it’s midway… Read more »