Three Fun Creative Team Building Activities

Here are three fun creative team building activities you should consider. They all involve group work, the creative process and deadlines. Many of us don’t associate creativity with deadlines.  It’s stereotypical to associate daydreaming and musing with creative output. Having time to explore and to experiment is part of innovating and problem solving. But learning how to innovate, to problem solve and create on a deadline is important. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I’ve done some of my best work on tight deadlines. Goals and timelines can help us get in the zone and do things we didn’t know we could. Fun and creative team building activities enable groups to experience creative success on a deadline and set the stage for integrating those skills into work-life.

Improv At Work

Improv can be scary when it’s not well facilitated. I’ve been really uncomfortable in forced improv sessions – feeling embarrassed and self conscious. But when improv, as one of your creative team building activities, is well facilitated, it’s fun. Most corporate teams work together under pressure, with deadlines and the need to collaborate under stress. Improv exercises build your team’s confidence in your ability to function and thrive in a fast paced environment – to create, innovate and problem solve in the chaos of the moment. Once you get the hang of it, it’s kind of addicting!

The Ball Game

The ball game is one of the classic creative team building activities. Corporate trainers use this a lot because it’s simple. You don’t need to hire a team building facilitator to get results from this exercise, but you do have to do your homework so you can set it up to be successful. Here’s a guide to implement this activity.

Team Building Through Song

When I’m in the midst of facilitating my own creative team building program, my clients sometimes say it seems magical. And I don’t mean that as a pat on my own back. What I mean is that our clients get to be a part of the pulling back of the curtain or the demystification of the creative process.  Our team building participants become part of the magic, as we create team building songs on a deadline. Through the fun, controlled chaos of group brainstorming, people experience renewed confidence in their ability to problem solve and contribute to innovative solutions. It’s fun, so it doesn’t feel like work and it’s not scary. And that contributes to successful creativity sessions.
creative team building activities

Three Fun Creative Team Building Activities

  • Improv At Work
  • The Ball Game
  • Team Building Through Song
  • Can you think of another one? Please suggest something in the comment area below!

3 Responses to “Three Fun Creative Team Building Activities”

  1. Michelle

    Great post, interesting stuff. I agree, improv and team building exercises can achieve the opposite of their purpose, and make people feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. I love team building games and exercises that make a real difference to colleagues in the work place, where they will hopefully continue their strong sense of team work. I love to get my employees to play games such as it’s a knockout (an assault course game in which everyone plays a part in showing their own abilities, leaving noone left out, and everyone feeling like their role is important.