Three Corporate Team Bonding Ideas

Posted: Aug 12, 2013 by in Blog, Team Building

Here are three corporate team bonding ideas taken from my eBook, Every Day Team Building. But before I share the specific exercises with you I need to address terminology. Being a creative type, I’m not usually a literal kind of guy. And I often use the term team building and team bonding interchangeably. You know what? I’m going to continue to do so. But to explain the difference for those of you who love your terminology; Team Building refers to forming new teams and describes the process working groups go through, typically outlined as Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. Team Bonding refers to groups that are already built and want to spend time together for a tune-up, to celebrate success or work on problems. There’s a good article here, with a slightly different take on it.

Corporate Team Bonding Ideas

The You Are Special Box

I was hanging out with a friend last weekend when she received a text from her daughter, “I love you soooooo
much”. Wow – what precipitated that, I asked? My friend had sent her daughter a care package with the usual
goodies including, of course, food. But here’s what prompted the Wow: She made a little cardboard box and
labeled it “You Are Special”. She filled it with notes like, “You’re really creative”, “Thanks for being a good listener” and “You’ve already accomplished so much”. My friend told her daughter to take a note out of the box and read it whenever she was having a bad day or feeling stressed. Hey, I need one of those boxes, and I bet you do too. You can create a similar experience in your workplace by sharing you are special boxes. There are specific instructions in my eBook.

The Power Of Fun

The second of my three corporate team bonding ideas is simple; FUN. Many people approach team building from a place of doubt and sometimes dread. Aarghhhh….the team building activities, can we leave yet? I get it. I hated our ginormous extended family picnics growing up, organized field trips and the like. I was always the one slinking off to just do….nothing! So when I was contacted by a healthcare company several months ago, and they told me that the team building program they did last year was not well received, I was excited. Yes, a chance to convince another group of people that there’s power in fun. Shared experience on an equal footing loosens inhibitions and dissolves hierarchy. Whether it’s dissolving into laughter at the creation of a really silly rhyme while songwriting, or seeing your CEO tremble with fear at the top of a zip line (that’s always fun), out-of-office experience has real value. Here’s a quote from a client that sums this all up. “As I told my wife, I’m a skeptic and expected to hate the team building day. But I was laughing so hard the whole time that I cried and thought I was going to wet myself…I got to see a whole different side of my co-workers. I never knew they could be so funny and creative.” Remember the time you were on the road and at the bar with your boss. You finally found the courage to suggest that fix you’d been scared to mention, and the boss loved your idea.
corporate team bonding ideas

Team Building Through Song

We all bond around music. Whether it’s sharing favorite songs or arguing about the merits of a particular song, music elicits emotion and communication. Imagine the power that comes from working with your co-workers to create your own song. Team bonding with music is worth considering. There are many more great corporate team bonding ideas. I hope you’ll share your own with me in the comments section below.