Teambuilding Music

Posted: Jun 4, 2013 by in Blog, Team Building

When most people think of teambuilding music they think of songs they can use for motivation, conference programming or background music. But teambuilding music is also the foundation of several well regarded event and training programs. Whether you’re using well-known songs to enhance your programming, or creating your own songs through a team building exercise, it’s worth your time to think about the value of music and how you’ll use it.

Teambuilding Music For Mood And Motivation

My wife and I went to a retirement event last weekend for a friend of ours. Whoever put the slide show together did a fantastic job of choosing the music. During the opening segment, as pictures of our friend as a child flashed on the screen, the music was upbeat and childlike. Everyone in the room was smiling and laughing. As the slide show moved into our friend’s professional career and toward his latter days before retirement it became more stately and evocative. Almost everyone in the room was reaching for tissues to dry their eyes.

Whether you’re planning a corporate training program or retirement party; remember that you can use music to bring your team together and create a more memorable experience.

How We Write Our Own Teambuilding Music

As a hit songwriter, I’ve known for a long time that great songs tell stories. It’s my job to take the essence of varied life experiences and express that essence, that emotion, through words and music. Songs about love, about journey, about life and death, all tell stories through impactful musical messages. One of the foundations of our program, Team Building Through Song®, is the recognition that every organization, be it a non-profit or corporation, has their own story. When we facilitate our teambuilding programs, we’re helping our clients create their own impactful stories through song.
teambuilding music

I’ve saved the most important ingredient for last. The most important ingredient is fun (equals engaged interaction). As we create songs with our clients we’re rhyming, brainstorming, trying ideas and laughing a lot along the way. Songwriting is fun.

Team Building Music In Action


Music needs to be an integral part of your planning, whether you’re planning a slideshow, conference or all-out team building session. You can see more of our teambuilding videos here.