Team Building Nashville, US and Worldwide

Posted: Sep 2, 2011 by in Blog, Team Building

Dance with the one that brung you. The first time I heard that expression I was a New Yorker newly transplanted to Nashville and I thought it was exotic and quaint. Years later, I admit I’ve used that expression more than a time or two along with other local idioms. I’ve just returned from New York, a team building event at Connect Marketplace in Chicago, and a team building program for Giant Eagle Supermarkets in Pittsburgh. This morning I spent one hour on Skype with a potential client from Portugal. The continued growth and success of our musical event programs has got me thinking about where we’re from and why we are who we are. What started out as a Nashville team building company has become much more.

I’m not alone in providing music based team building. So how do I differentiate? I do that by using what is uniquely mine, uniquely ours; our tradition as Nashville songwriters, hit songwriters who have cut our teeth on the art of telling a story through song. We enable groups to tell their stories, to distill the different aspects of who they are and what they do into a succinct, vibrant and compelling musical message. It’s about team work, tune work, discovery, goal setting and innovation. Does that sound heady? Well don’t get me wrong, this is fun.

We can be smart and fun at the same time. This isn’t rock and roll band camp but that doesn’t mean we’re just country. Anyone who’s been to Nashville recently knows why Rolling Stone magazine named the town as the nation’s best music scene across all genres. We can rock, we can rap and we can twang. But we’re songwriters first and foremost, Nashville songwriters. As we travel the US, and the now the world, we remember to dance with the ones that brung us. And to empower our clients along the way.

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