Team Building London 2014

Posted: Mar 11, 2014 by in Blog, News

Talk about visioning. Last fall my team set a goal to bring our team building with music program to Europe in 2014. Next week, Shevy Smith and myself are headed across the pond for a team building London event. There are lots of team building providers in London, so why bring us several thousand miles to lead a program? I asked myself the same question. The answer revolves around story – your story.

Team Building London, Why…

Your story is unique. Your story is important. Your story is your differentiator, your culture maker and your incubator.

The most memorable stories are part fact, part legend, part emotion and part vision. As a songwriter, my job is that of a musical story teller. To be successful, I have to combine lots of information into a succinct and powerful message that will resonate and be memorable. When we work with clients at Team Building Through Song® we allow people the luxury to tell their collective story, to mine the wells of their corporate history and culture. We enable groups to share broad vision, disparate ideas and to come out on the other side with a song.

Why a song?

Our team building London program really is unique. I know unique is an overused word, but it’s the word that gets us gigs all over the world. What’s unique about our work is that we allow ourselves and our clients to venture into the unknown – into the mess that is the creative process. We don’t write songs for our clients. YOU – the client experiences the experience in a valid, personal and valuable process. We simply enable you to write your own songs.
team building London

Why a song? Why is there value to invest in my company’s services to help your company create your song? Because you’ll discover the essence of your organization. You’ll discover the potential to align your vision throughout your team. You’ll sing your song…what could be better than that!