Team Building and Keeping It Real

Posted: Feb 12, 2012 by in Blog, Team Building

So you may notice this is my first blog post in a couple of weeks. My goal is to post something interesting about team building ideas twice a week. But lately, every time I start to write I’ve been stymied and uninspired. I recently realized the reason has been that I’m thinking too hard. I’m now using ScribeSeo by copyblogger to help me optimize my posts for keywords around team building, creative team building ideas, etc. But now that I’m becoming aware of what I should be doing to gain strategic advantage, it’s overtaken my usual ability to just express what I’m feeling about the work I do.

Late last night I realized I had to return to the essence of why I do all this. Because I’m passionate about creativity, innovation and helping groups integrate those attributes into their work life through corporate team building programs. This realization also reminded me of why our programs work – because team songwriting helps groups to get back to the essence of what they do, to the underlying motivation and mission that, in theory, should drive the every day experience…

Team Building Tune Up

So late last night I realized I really needed my own tune up. I needed to remember why I blog and why I love the work I do. I’m passionate about it because I genuinely love to help companies get in touch with what’s really real – the meaning behind the day-to-day madness. The song creation process enables teams to distill a mass of information into a concise, meaningful message through song. And the process itself is fun, with equal doses of laughter, play and work.

Keeping It Real

If we can remember what’s really important in our work, what motivates us; while having fun and also getting some real work done – well then we’re really rocking – We’ll be creative and efficient; innovative and effective. What could be better than that?