Team Building Chicago Events and Activities

Posted: Feb 27, 2013 by in Blog, Team Building

We’re still gearing up for our opening of  HQ2 (headquarters number two) which will be in Chicago. So I did a Google search on Team Building Chicago to see what my competition’s gonna look like. I use the word competition lightly. Because I tend to be friends with the great folks who are as passionate about team building as I am. Team building Chicago turns up great resources and reveals a lot of breadth and depth.

Team Building Chicago Events

My friends at Bizbash posted a good list of ideas that can be done all over the city. Yeah, we’ve all done too many scavenger hunts – but one that enables you to eat your way through Lincoln Park sounds pretty good to me! And what about trapeze? That’s the kind of out-of-the-box team building I can’t resist. Getting out of your comfort zone, but in a safe setting, yields great results as you see your co-workers in a different light and spend time building trust.
Team Building Chicago Events

Why Is Team Building Important?

There are no guarantees when you step into any venture. Risk is inherent, not only in business, but in simply getting out of bed in the morning. But ultimately, not taking risks dooms us to stagnation and failure. Team building is an important ingredient for organizations that need to stay innovative and grow. Great team building programs allow risk with purpose – to enable groups not only to bond and build trust, but to re-focus on core values, both personal and work related. Here’s a great post about the extreme team building one technology company does in the mountains of New Zealand. Over time, this company’s considerable investment in team work pays off.

Team Building Doesn’t Require Exotic Locales

Team building Chicago can be just as exciting and productive as taking your team clear across the world. Even a dynamic and engaging activity that takes place at your office can shake things up in a good way.  So explore your options for doing some great team work in the Windy City.

Make it an…

  • …out of the box experience, yet accessible to all participants
  • Programs with purpose, that allow you to make connections for work
  • Activity that engages everyone and increases each individual’s sense of belonging…

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