More Than Just A Song

The songwriting process invites participants to take lots of internal information and give voice to it; filling flip charts with ideas, plastering walls with flip charts and then distilling it all – all the cacophony, clutter and chaos into a clear, succinct, pointed, and yes, catchy communication representing the essence of our client’s work – The Song.

Coffee & Creativity

That’s the mystique and challenge of creating. There are no guarantees, no promise of return on investment, only the hope that we’ll stumble upon something magical, or at least something that works quite well!

Building My Team

Today time certainly seems relative to me. I’m back home and my travels of last week seem like a lifetime ago. Isn’t that always the way it is? So much happens when we’re out of town, it seems like a parallel universe, not quite like the one we’re in when at home in our usual routine. And since I’ve already been facilitating in San Diego and speaking in Las Vegas just since the New Year, well it’s already been a full year with New Year’s Eve feeling like a lifetime ago. This whole musical team building journey started as a Nashville based team building program – an outgrowth and synthesis of my work as a songwriter and my passion for… Read more »

Community Giving & Team Building

I’d been thinking about ways of tying our musical team building programs in with corporate social responsibility, for about a year. I hadn’t come up with a program that served both purposes honorably, and so I kept putting this on the back burner. But recently a client asked me to design an event incorporating their commitment to giving back to the community. I was impressed with this company’s sincere desire to tie-in a team building program with giving back. Their passion for this inspired me to find a way. I took inspiration from the fact that our Nashville team building programs are a part of the greater ‘Music City’ community and also that I’m currently PTO co-president for Nashville School… Read more »

Get A Coach

The conversation went something like this, “You should find a consultant in Nashville since you’re based in Nashville. That way you can met with him/her easily and have a local connection”. That advice from my friend wasn’t crazy, but it seemed limiting to me in the age of Skype, email, web 2.0 and all the other great communication tools I may be forgetting to remember. So I cast a nationwide net – looking for someone to help me with strategic planning, marketing and social media. After a month of planning and interviewing I decided to work with Jessica Levin of Seven Degrees Communications. Jessica’s based in New Jersey, and the distance between her and Nashville hasn’t been a detriment in… Read more »

Team Building and Hierarchy

I often tell prospective clients one of the benefits of our team building program is that it breaks down established hierarchy and enables co-workers, employees at different levels, and participants from the C-suite to interact on equal footing, without inhibition. I often see a CEO getting a gentle ribbing as a group crafts a lyric about policy or behavior and I often see real results as the interaction enables everyone to gain better insight into reasons behind certain policies or behavior. Understanding something sure makes it easier to implement. There’s a great article here about team building hierarchy, effectiveness and trust, is drinking beer good for teambuilding? While this is not meant to endorse beer drinking as a method of… Read more »

Something New

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. In fact, I haven’t made one in quite some time. I recently asked a friend of mine, whose wisdom I respect, what he does. He told me he doesn’t make resolutions either, but he assigns himself a task. Every year he sets out to learn something new. So rather than resolving to change an existing habit, he’s setting out to create a new experience, ensuring that he’ll experience the excitement that comes with learning and growth. My son, Julian, is taking AP US History this year. I decided to get a copy of the text book for myself and read it along with Julian, to help him study for tests. Well it’s midway… Read more »

Enter Our Contest – You Can Have Us For A Song

Enter to win a free musical team building program for your group. This is our full program including the fun, value, learning and ROI that accompanies all our events. Tell your story, write a song, create a lasting take-away, enhance team communication and inspire innovation. Please answer the following questions to create a compelling reason for your team to win a free program. Or submit any reasons or explanations you’d like to. Dream a little, be creative, submit a video if you want to. Why do you want to do a team building program? Are there any specific reasons your group needs to do some team building? Do you have any objectives and goals? What do you hope to take… Read more »

Waxing Melancholy

And by waxing melancholy, I don’t mean getting my old car waxed. Although if an old car has poignant memories for you, you could wax melancholy. I’m thinking about my dog Martha. Martha passed away this week. She was fourteen years old and had been the best family pet anyone could ever want. Losing Martha put me in a melancholy place and brought back fourteen years of memories; not just of Martha, but of the life we’ve lived. Seeing two toddlers turn into teens, navigating love, friendships and professional changes along the way. We were never supposed to adopt Martha. My wife, Julie, had been to the animal shelter with our two children and they fell in love with Martha… Read more »