Objective Creativity

The experience set up a perfect debrief opportunity. We talked about how it feels to be vested in an idea, and how we have to struggle to overcome inertia to change. But we were also able to share the remarkable satisfaction that comes from overcoming that inertia, and remaining objective while being creative.

More Than Just A Song

The songwriting process invites participants to take lots of internal information and give voice to it; filling flip charts with ideas, plastering walls with flip charts and then distilling it all – all the cacophony, clutter and chaos into a clear, succinct, pointed, and yes, catchy communication representing the essence of our client’s work – The Song.

Coffee & Creativity

That’s the mystique and challenge of creating. There are no guarantees, no promise of return on investment, only the hope that we’ll stumble upon something magical, or at least something that works quite well!