Nashville Team Building

Posted: Dec 29, 2010 by in Blog, Team Building

When I first designed our website I carefully avoided mentioning Nashville. I was afraid our team building and event programs would be tagged as regional or somehow related to country music. Now that our business is flourishing and I have more confidence and experience I can see how unnecessary this was. Next month I’ll be in San Diego, Las Vegas and Chicago working for a varied group of clients – it’s plain to see our programs are nationally recognized.

But we all come from somewhere and I’m happy talk about the rich resources we have with our Nashville base. Nashville is Music City USA for a reason. Not only is there a rich country music heritage but there’s an active rock-jazz-pop-hiphop-classical community here. Creativity is accepted as an industry and how cool is that! I couldn’t imagine a better place to base a business like ours – We’re all about bringing creativity to corporate learning and experience. And here we have a deep well from which to draw our hit songwriter program-facilitators. 2010 found us on the road about half the time and in Nashville about half the time and that’s alright with me.

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