Team Building Exercises, Global Footprint

Posted: Jul 9, 2012 by in Blog, Team Building

Nashville team building and music…duh! People come from all over the globe to experience the unique musical melting pot that Nashville’s become. A driver of that experience, both within and outside the music industry, is the art of songwriting and the lore of the singer-songwriter. So it’s natural that when groups come to Nashville they get excited about creating their own songs. The best souvenir is one you create yourself, whether it’s a memory, a picture or a song. And in the case of team building through song, you’ll come away with a powerful organizational artifact, your elevator speech, (as a song), perfected to music that’s much hipper than elevator music.

Here’s a good place to start. This is where our program started and that’s a perfect segue to where I’m going next…ALL OVER THE MAP. Here’s a secret perhaps I shouldn’t share. We facilitated more of our creative team building programs outside of Nashville this year than we have here at home. And honestly, I’m thrilled. Thrilled that groups from Switzerland to California, Arizona and Minnesota see the value in what we do. Songs really do speak a universal language, a global language. Music communicates across boundaries and barriers, across hierarchies and divisions.

Global Footprint

The concept of global marketplace is constantly in the headlines these days and I’m grateful to be experiencing this on a personal level. We’re very close to bringing our program to Singapore, and planning via Skype has made that distance seem easily navigable.

I Just Thought of This

  • Do you work for an international company?
  • If you do, let’s plan something together.
  • Let’s go to all of your offices worldwide collecting lyrics for an organizational song.
  • Let’s create a truly global team building event through the power of song.
  • I’m game and if you’d like to spin this out with me, give a call.

Nashville Team Building goes global


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