Keynote Presenters To Hire This Year

Posted: Jul 17, 2013 by in Blog, Corporate Events

So you’ve been told it’s your job to research the keynote presenters to hire for this year’s event. It’s a big wide world out there; so where do you start? This article is a good place as it highlights some important things you need to know to ensure you’ll be successful in your search. Understanding your audience and your meeting objectives are crucial to matching the plethora of choices of keynote presenters to hire with your audience.

Consider David Hutchens

My friend David Hutchens is brilliant, and in an accessible and engaging way. I recently co-presented a speech with David at the ASTD International Conference. It was fun for us, and most importantly fun for the audience. But I use the word audience with hesitation and here’s why. I believe the best speakers will invite your crowd to engage, to partake and interact. David uses the power of story to help people learn more about themselves and the organizations they work for.

Jimmy Wayne

I co-wrote Jimmy Wayne’s first hit single with him. The song, “Stay Gone”, was a Top 5 hit on the country charts and launched Jimmy’s career. But Jimmy has now launched to a whole new level as he tours the world speaking about his own childhood challenges and his lifelong dedication to helping young people in need. Jimmy’s blend of inspirational speaking and intense musical performance is actually kind of mind blowing. He’s very powerful, and in all the right ways. Jimmy can be a great tie-in for a community giving effort if you’re so inclined. When you’re sitting around with your committee and someone says, ‘we need to think way out of the box when we look for keynote presenters to hire this year’, Jimmy is your man.
Keynote Presenters To Hire This Year

I Do This Too

Speaking of speaking – I am. That is, you can invite me to be a keynote presenter. My topic is actually a hybrid of story and song. Music and narrative are powerful combinations and during my highly interactive presentations you’ll create your own organizational song.

Keys to the Keynote Presenters To Hire

  • Know your goals
  • Know your audience
  • Get to know your speaker
  • Sit back, sit up, relax, partake and enjoy – everyone will be thanking you!