Guaranteed ROI from Music Team Building

Posted: May 30, 2012 by in Blog, Team Building

I’ve decided to unburden the blog. Or at least unburden myself from the restraint of typical ROI while blogging.  I’m going to practice what I preach and write from the standpoint of my kind of ROI – Return on Inspiration. I recently, accidentally, coined that phrase during the program introduction at one of our music team building events. I hadn’t planned on it. I hadn’t thought of it, but I just threw it out there. You would have thought I had thrown the opening pitch to a baseball game – people went wild. So then I thought, hmm, maybe there’s something there. I used the phrase again last week at the TravelClick team building program and again, people really responded. So I guess now I’m stuck with it!

What Creativity Is

It occurs to me this is an example of what creativity really is. A slight twist in perspective or an accidental turn of phrase. It’s presenting something common in a different way and voilà, paradigm shift. Thinking about ROI is common. It’s integral to corporate lingo. Yet thinking of ROI as return on inspiration shifts our awareness and can ultimately be a catalyst for change. Creativity doesn’t have to be about writing the next Grammy award winning song, or painting the Mona Lisa. We need to be creative to solve problems in our daily work life. Problems beg for solutions. And finding solutions requires thinking of new ways of doing things. Gaining a different perspective on familiar information is a creative act.

Quantifiable Team Building

Here’s the explanation for quantifying inspiration… As a professional songwriter, inspiration, combined with perspiration, has helped me create some memorable songs. In my case, those songs found commercial success and, subsequently, created income and a career. Thus I received quantifiable return on inspiration.

    • When you’re inspired you’re engaged and enthused
    • You tend to care more about what you’re doing
    • Your creative powers and observational powers are heightened and guess what?
    • That puts you in the perfect place to solve problems – to help create the paradigm shift that will propel your organization forward.

If our team building program provides inspiration, (and that it does), then I’m comfortable saying there’s real ROI there. Or is it here… or is it Here, There, and Everywhere…hmm…sounds like a song doesn’t it!

2 Responses to “Guaranteed ROI from Music Team Building”

  1. Stuart Hedges

    This question gets asked a lot but in my experience it’s not something that the end corporate client is so concerned about. An experienced manager will work as much on instinct as he or she does on proof. That’s what gets them into their position; if everything was quantifiable then computers could make all the decisions based on data.

    Good managers know what their teams need, they know when they need it and they generally make the right decision when it comes to what they choose to do for team building.

    • Billy Kirsch

      Good point Stuart. Ultimately it’s not of concern to the end user, but we do get asked about it still. Thanks for contributing to the conversation.