Excellent Team Building Activities For The Workplace

Posted: Sep 18, 2013 by in Blog, Team Building

Excellent team building activities for the workplace are programs that invite everyone to participate equally. Programs that spark unity and not mutiny are the way to go. My experience tells me that most people dread the thought of a team building day at work. Almost all of us have had uncomfortable experiences with team building activities in the workplace. But guess what? A good team building program should be non-threatening, inclusive and easy for everyone to participate in.

My Favorite Team Building Activities For The Workplace

My favorite programs are ones that work. I know that sounds broad, but sometimes when something works, it’s perfect. I’m less concerned with the specific program you choose for team building and more concerned with how your program is delivered. When you’re talking with team building companies, make sure they are listening to you. Make sure they take time to understand what differentiates your company, why you need to do team building, and how to make it comfortable for all of your workforce.

Don’t Do This Type of Team Building

I was once forced to take part in team building based around improv-acting. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but here’s what happened to me. I was dragged onto stage reluctantly, told how I was supposed to feel, and what I was supposed to do. I was caught between the embarrassment of going through the motions that were making me uncomfortable and nervous, or running off stage. I actually ran off stage! This exercise was a complete failure for me and for the team building facilitator because it was forced. Don’t throw people under the bus when you’re planning team building activities in the workplace. Or like the picture below – don’t create an environment in which one person succeeds at the expense of others. We already have too much of this in our daily corporate lives.
Team Building Activities For The Workplace

Team Building Specifics

I hope you’re not mad at me because I haven’t given you a list of specific team building activities for the workplace. Finding a responsive and qualified team building facilitator is you’re first, most important consideration. Almost any activity can be fun and inclusive if it’s delivered properly. So ask questions. Make sure your team building facilitator understands your workforce and your goals before you proceed. If you do this, you’ll ensure that the program you choose gets excellent results. I hope you’ll start here!


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  1. Mike

    Yes, Billy I totally agree with your opinion about forced team building. That stuff MUST be natural, relaxing and fun, no embarrassing and red faces. People that are trying to hold an event in such way are far worse than amateurs. Glad we share the same opinion.