Do Corporate Team Building Events Increase ROI?

Posted: Feb 18, 2013 by in Blog

I’m so very careful when I talk about the ROI of team building. Metrics are hard to come by. And I’m not one to exaggerate to try to gain new business. But there is ROI from corporate team building on two levels. From my perspective as a life long creative type I know well the value of ROInspiration®. Inspiration boosts engagement and the sense of ownership team members feel for group mission. This opens the door to innovative problem solving. In addition to the soft concept of inspiration, your monetary investment in team building will be returned if you align your goals with your spend and the type of program you choose.

What To Expect From Your Corporate Team Building Event

The first thing you need to determine is what you expect from your corporate team building event. A one day, half day or several hour program won’t change your culture for the long run. And if you expect it to, you’ll be disappointed. However, a well facilitated creative team building program is a great catalyst or capstone to a change initiative. There’s a good article here on how to build a team – the right and wrong way to approach corporate team building. I believe your main goals should be to build trust, create more open communication, align group vision and team goals. In general the goal of increasing collaboration and harmony also increases a group’s ability to be visionaries, to openly share, and to work together as problem solvers. There is real team building ROI when you know what you’re after. Not so coincidentally, I’m passionate in my belief that Team Building Through Song® is a powerful and really fun way to achieve these goals. Great songs tell stories. They distill ideas and information into succinct emotional messages that communicate the best of who you are, where you’ve been and where you’d like to go. The group songwriting process enables your to create organizational artifacts (your songs), and powerful take-aways.

When to Plan a Corporate Team Building Event?

Now; operators are standing by… ha ha just kidding.

  • When you need to re-align, build or re-build trust
  • After a merger or acquisition
  • Before the start of a new project or initiative
  • When you want to reward your team and celebrate success