Corporate Team Building Exercises You Can Try

Posted: May 12, 2013 by in Blog, Team Building

How would you like to get your team inspired and more comfortable in the workplace? Corporate team building exercises are a great way to get people to relate to each other in a relaxed way. And the best team building exercises will inspire your workforce to be more engaged and innovative.

Fun Corporate Team Building Exercises

Fun = Engagement. When we’re having fun, we’re disarmed, not thinking too hard – we’re in the moment. I don’t think a team building exercise without fun is effective. When we facilitate our musical team building programs, our clients always begin with trepidation. As hit songwriters we’re comfortable making music and brainstorming. We begin our session already warmed up. But we know the participants in our programs are often anxious about group participation. The thrill we experience with every single program we do is that we help people make the transition from hesitancy and disengagement to unbridled enthusiasm. This happens because the experience is fun. Corporate team building exercises should present a challenge, but they must ensure that your group is challenged appropriately, and evolves from feelings of challenge and hesitancy to fun, engagement and success.

corporate team building exercises

Team Building For Larger Groups

I facilitated a conference energizer program last fall that included about 800 people. My client asked me if everyone would be equally engaged and I answered truthfully, no! But I went on to explain that even in a group of ten, not everyone is equally engaged. Team building does work with large groups, but it requires strategic planning and active professional facilitation. Active facilitation ensures that a program is followed. It ensures that activity is meaningful and that group members are engaged at a level that brings contribution from everyone.

Team Building Activities With Music

I just remembered I titled this post, corporate team building exercises you can try and so far I’ve been speaking broadly. So here are some ideas you can try.

  • Who hasn’t wanted to be in a movie? At some point in everyone’s life we all fantasize being in a film. There are great video making team building programs out there. This works with small groups or large groups.
  • It’s similar to our program, team building through song® in that the activity is story based. You have to tell a story to make a good movie or video, just as a song tells a story.
  • We’re playing around with combining both activities by offering a program in which participants create their company song and then shoot a music video around the song. If you’d like to give this a try, get in touch, we need a client willing to beta the program for us!