Corporate Team Building In Chicago

Posted: Jul 7, 2014 by in Blog, Team Building

It’s early July and I have a light jacket on, sitting on the back porch of our new home in Chicago. As I sip a glass of wine in the company of my wife Julie and our dog Lucy, I’m thinking to myself, ‘There’s so much corporate team building in Chicago…’ That may seem strange to you, but here’s some context; the opportunities in Chicago are part of the reason I’m enjoying this cool July evening. After a fun run as a hit songwriter based in the warmer climes of Nashville, I morphed into this current adventure we call Team Building Through Song®. And as this dynamic corporate team building program grew exponentially, I set my sights north as an opportunity to bring music making and story telling to the Windy City. But this isn’t your typical music making and story telling. This is Your Team’s Story & Your Team’s Song. Let me explain…

Corporate team building in Chicago

As a professional songwriter, my job is to tell stories. The best songs are stories that draw us in and pack an emotional punch. Part of the reason songs are so powerful is that unique combination of story combined with the emotive quality of music. Whether they’re happy, sad, dark, light or just silly, the best songs will make you feel something. When my group of hit songwriters and I work with our Chicago team building clients, we invite teams to create their own impactful and memorable songs about the work they do. We engage participants in meaningful conversation about the work they do. Everyone has a story. Every team has a story. Every company has a story that differentiates it from their competitors.

corporate team building in Chicago

Tony nominated Lauren Lucas, facilitating a corporate song session

So what else do the best songs do? The best songs take a novel’s worth of information and condense it down to the essence, that perfect elevator speech that cuts away extemporaneous and leaves only your best message.

What if you could do all this?

What if you could improve your group communication, break down hierarchy, increase trust and have some real fun while you create your best message? Well, you can! Corporate team building in Chicago doesn’t have to look or feel ‘corporate’. It can have soul. It can have impact that you carry forward to help your team celebrate their own story. Our Windy City office is open, let’s write a hit together.