Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building Activities

Most companies know that giving back to community is more than just a responsibility, it’s a chance to show that the company and it’s employees genuinely care about being part of community. It’s great when you can plan corporate social responsibility team building activities that are really fun. It’s impactful when people are enthused about the activities they’re participating in. It’s great to plan a CSR event with team building that supports both your organization and the greater community.

Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building Activities

If you’ve ever considered CSR team building, I’m sure you know about build-a-bike. The program’s been around for some time now. It’s real team building because groups have to work together to build bicycles, requiring communication and utilizing group skill sets to get a job done. It’s great as part of a community giving program because after you build your bikes you give them to deserving children. The giving part of the program is emotional, in a great way.

Team Building Through Song

Many public schools across the country are in need of arts funding and musical instruments. To help answer that need, Kidbilly Music, (full disclosure – my company), designed a program that allows you to participate fully in our musical team building activity while enriching the arts curriculum in schools across the country. We want to be able to facilitate this CSR team building program more often.

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll work with a school organization and your group to develop a wish list for needed musical instruments.
  • At your event, the students will join your program after you’ve created your songs.
  • We’ll invite students to be a part of your team song performances.
  • After the performances, you will present the students with donations of musical instruments or funding toward arts education.
corporate social responsibility team building activities

Team Building by Giving Back

With corporate social responsibility team building activities you can have your cake and eat it too. You can benefit from group fun and productive team building, while enriching the lives of others.