Corporate Social Responsibility & Fun Team Building

“We’re looking for fun team building activities, one’s that don’t suck!” I can’t tell you how many times that’s the first thing I hear when I answer my phone. I commiserate – I get it. How many times have you been dragged into an uncomfortable group activity that doesn’t deliver what it promises? Dare I say it; I don’t like team building activities…or at least I never used to like them. But now I’m passionate about them, and not just because I facilitate team building programs. Adding a corporate social responsibility component to team building is great because it heightens the feeling of shared accomplishment.

At our first CSR team building event last April and I discovered something exciting. After the team song competition, our client’s workforce was joined on stage by a group of talented high school students and they all performed together. After this rousing, completely unrehearsed performance, the students accepted donations of musical instruments for their school band program. The emotion in the room was electric, the memories powerful, the actions impactful and the team building effect – very real. My client and my team of facilitators were all moved by the talent and the need of the students who took part in our program.

I’m passionate about team building activities because I’ve experienced the empowerment, the camaraderie and success that comes from a well put together event. I love seeing the evolution of team members from skeptic to total engagement, as so aptly put by one of our participants – “I’m a skeptic and expected to hate the experience. I actually ended up loving the process. Most of all the session was so much fun that I laughed until I cried.”

Team Building Activities with Meaning

  • A well planned event will empower your workforce to engage, create and innovate as a team.
  • Adding a corporate social responsibility component to your event will heighten the emotional take-away.