Corporate Giving

It’s good politics to have a website page devoted to corporate giving and team building. And I’ve always thought we’ve done a pretty good job with our program; it’s satisfying for our clients and it really does benefit the student recipients. We do our part in working with our clients to find suitable schools that need donations. But other than some extra email time on my end, my company, Kidbilly Music, is not contributing too much sweat equity to the Corporate giving team building program.That’s about to change…

Walking the Walk (singing the song!)

I’m serious about my passion for learning and my life-long avocational involvement with educational institutions, on behalf of my own children, myself and our corporate event clients. Facing an empty nest at the end of this month, I’ve realized it’s time to get involved again with students of all ages. So starting today, your corporate giving will also be our company giving.

Here’s The Deal

Talk to us about our community giving program; hopefully you’ll be able to donate musical instruments as part of your team building experience. But whether you’re in a position to donate or not, we’re going to contribute. We’ll stay in your city after your program, or maybe we’ll come out a day before. We’ll go into a local school to provide a musical program to students. We’ll share the art of songwriting, help them dream and create a song about their own special experience. And if you partner with us, we’ll come bearing gifts of much needed materials to support public school music and enrichment programs.

You Give & We Give

Let’s partner to do some real work, create some real benefit and have some real fun. We’ll help you tell your story and sing your song, and you can help us support deserving students nationwide. We’re deeply committed to giving back, to enhancing musical opportunities and cultural experience for young people. We welcome the opportunity to help you help others. The video below shows students as part of a corporate team building event.