Corporate Event Ideas For 2014

Posted: Nov 21, 2013 by in Blog, Corporate Events

The first of my corporate event ideas for 2014 is to simply say, please have an event. There’s intangible, yet real, value in getting people together. Ok…phew…you’ve decided to have a meeting. Now I can share some specific thoughts about corporate event ideas you should consider for 2014.

Corporate Event Ideas For 2014

  • Unstructured Time is important. When we’re kids we have lots of unstructured time. Or at least we should. When we’re young, play time is work time. Lots of learning and development takes place. Guess what? Lots of learning and development can take place during unstructured time during your corporate event. As I roam the globe eavesdropping on cocktail conversation at corporate events, I’ve noticed that even casual conversation wanders into work territory. But when that conversation around work is unstructured, fueled by informality in a social setting, people are much more willing to share their ‘hair brained ideas’; those fantastic innovative thoughts most of us are too scared to share during our normal day to day work life.
  • Strategic Plan Updates should be a part of all corporate event ideas. But please don’t introduce or review an existing strategic plan with a monotone powerpoint presentation. Act it out! You could assign small groups to create their own skits that exemplify a portion of your strategic plan. They can even include ideas to change, discard and improve your existing plan.
corporate event ideas for 2014
  • A change of scene never hurts. Travel is inspiring. Change of view opens us up to change in perspective and puts us in the right frame of mind to embrace change initiatives. Quite often, corporate events are centered around the announcement of change. Whether it’s downsizing (boo) or growth (yeah), change is difficult. But if you share your challenges in an environment that’s inspiring, your entire workforce will be more receptive to considering how change will effect them, and how to meet it with an open mind. By the way, the above picture was taken at a recent music team building event we led in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The setting was a perfect backdrop to doing some good work.

Consider these big picture thoughts when you’re perusing your options for corporate event ideas for 2014. Once you understand the benefits, it’s easier to pick the venue, menu and activities!