Chicago Team Building – Not Just the Blues

Posted: Mar 12, 2012 by in Blog, Team Building

Chicago team building and the great Chicago blues music tradition come together in this interactive program led by our award winning hit songwriters. Our Chicago team building clients love nothing more than being at Buddy Guy’s or the House of Blues as we lead them through an event packed with energy and atmosphere. And singing the blues doesn’t have to be a downer. In fact, bringing some grit, some attitude and rhythm to a team building event, not only sets the stage for a great song, it helps groups to loosen up and jump into our program. Great songs tell stories and this process helps teams tell their story through song to re-connect with their mission, refine their message and celebrate the best of what their company does.

Every city has it’s own personality. Chicago’s a natural place for music based programming and that’s why we keep connecting with Chicago based organizations like Sunstar Americas, LabAnswer, Slalom Consulting, PCMA and conventions at Navy Pier. Chicago team building that integrates the music traditions of the Windy City just makes sense.

I’m starting to consider Chicago a second home. In fact we’ve been looking at real estate there and I love hanging out after a client event. So of course as someone who is fairly new to Chicago, I’m always looking for Things To Do In Chicago. That link is a good place to start. A friend of a friend owns the company and they’ll steer you in the right direction – steer me in the right direction too. The more I learn about this city, the more I seem to uncover what I haven’t yet discovered.

Chicago Team Building

They didn’t think they were musical, but before too long they were playing blues harmonica

But back to Chicago team building. You don’t have to sing the blues, but sometimes singing the blues is a great prescription to cure the blues; yes, I’m sure you see the metaphor coming… Cure your organizational blues, ’cause your company has paid some dues… But seriously, music will enable you to crawl through some of the bad, sing about it, and get to the good. Examine what’s not working for your team, celebrate what is working and envision where your company is headed. See photo below, it’s a lot of fun!


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