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Posted: Aug 9, 2012 by in Blog, Team Building

Last week we worked with EMKAY fleet solutions in the Chicago area. We seem to be team building in Chicago a lot these days and I’m really happy about that. In fact, even when we work in New York, the subject seems to be Chicago…In a sort of strange twist, I led a team building program in New York a few weeks ago that was sponsored by Choose Chicago (Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau). I was a bit apprehensive going into this program, wondering how a group of seasoned NY meeting planners would react to creating music around their memories of the Windy City. But we had too much fun and here’s the result…

– The Lyric

“Hugh Hefner got his start there, there’s a lot of heart there
Midwest charm but you’re not down on the farm
Deep Dish pizza, it’s a great place to meet ya’
Got the jazz and blues, Great Lake views, Oprah got her start there too

It’s the Windy City
Chicago is the place to choose
It’s the Windy City
Chicago is the place to choose” –

Nashville will always be Music City, and the birth place of team work based around songwriting but more and more…we’re traveling more and more.

Corporations Seek Us Out and Fly Us In!

It doesn’t surprise me anymore, but it still delights me, that companies understand the value in creating narrative, finding meaning and tapping into their best selves by creating songs around the work they do. You can view or download a great summary of the work we do. Chicago, Nashville, Tuscon, Los Angeles, Switzerland, Washington DC and Portland have all hosted us. I guess my own favorite song this week is one I didn’t write myself, but I’ve always admired…On the road again, ain’t it good to be on the road again…

Music team building in Chicago at EMKAY Fleet Solutions headquarters. Our second event with EMKAY this year!

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