Chicago Company Team Building Activities

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The plethora of Chicago team building offerings reflects the city’s large demand for event and meeting activities. I consider Chicago to be our second home base, although I hate to talk much about home base when we’re constantly on the move with our musical team building. In fact, myself and the other great hit songwriters who work with my company are on the road now as often as we were in our younger band-on-the-bus-days.

Chicago Company Team Building

The culture, the geography and the musical themes of a city always impact my mood and my creative output. When we’re in Nashville, we’ll offer up country melodies as a foundation to the corporate songs we create with our clients. But when we’re in Chicago, leading team building events with clients, I’m usually feeling the urban groove, the jazz and blues.

Your Story, Your City, Your Song

  • Whether you’re creating your company’s elevator speech or a song, an honest message always has impact.

Music is a powerful icebreaker, a visceral catalyst to innovation, out-of-the-box thinking and group creativity. There’s a reason we all have songs that are part of the narrative of our lives, interwoven with our experience and our memory. And that reason, that strong emotional imprint of song that resonates with each of us, is the foundation of the company team building we do with groups. This program is powerful because it is honest and resonant. So when we’re in Chicago, we have our antennae up to the sounds and sights of this city. Join us at McCormick Place or Navy Pier and we’ll lay down some groove for you – some corporate songwriting groove. Because if you’re planning on team building in Chicago, the groove you’re in is as important as the city you’re in.

Chicago company team building activities

Jump$tart Coalition creating their song at the JW Marriott

There are other wonderful sources for team building in Chicago. I’m passionate about helping our clients find the best programs for their particular goals, whether they use us or not. So here’s a list of ten more great Chicago company team building activities.

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