Best Team Building Activities for 2013

Posted: Jan 4, 2013 by in Blog, Team Building

I thought I might do some research for this post about best team building activities for 2013. Then the winter holiday took hold and any thoughts of research were overtaken by family time. Holidays are a time when we don’t have to feel guilty for procrastination about work. But us creative types rarely feel guilty about procrastination. Because we know that down time is often the best time to re-fill the well with ideas. And accordingly, I stumbled on an accidental type of research about the best team building activities for 2013 during my recent winter break.

The Best Team Building Activities for 2013 Start At Home!

  • Good team building re-engages a team
  • Team building addresses relationship problems that are counter to productivity
  • Team building activities break down barriers to improve efficiencies by aligning goals

All of the team building challenges and attributes I mentioned above were demonstrated and modeled during our family time this December. When our semi-adult children return from college, especially for the first time, there’s always an adjustment period. Rules need to be re-established and re-defined. Conflicting assumptions and agendas need to be re-aligned. People who spend time together have to sort through conflict – so they can align goals and assign roles.

Corporate And Family Team Building – Are They That Different?

Re-aligning goals, working together harmoniously…does sound kind of corporate doesn’t it? But it’s the process we went through when our kids came home from college. Talk about conflicting assumptions. Our children assumed they’d have the same freedom they had at college and we assumed they’d have the same responsibilities they had before they left home. Talk about conflicting agendas. We assumed a continued contribution to upkeep of the house, waking before noon etc. They assumed there was no agenda! Rules had to be completely re-defined through renegotiation of past assumptions.

My wife and I realized that for a starting point, the best team building activity for 2013 would be to spend some quality time with the team.

Best team building activities for 2013

Great team building starts with bonding – fun has value & builds trust

So after we got our sense of humor and trust back through some shared fun, we were able to re-negotiate our conflicting agendas with unified goals in mind; to enjoy each others’ company, to respect each other and to contribute as a team to the success of the whole entity. In this case that entity is our family. But the experience correlates to directly the way your corporate family functions.

I’d dare say that the best team building activities of 2013 can build off your holiday time with loved ones.

  • Re-engage your team through shared fun and shared experience outside of the office
  • Increase productivity by building relationships in which trust allows you to communicate honestly
  • It’s easier to discuss and debate goals when there’s mutual respect and shared experience