Best Corporate Team Building Locations

Posted: Feb 28, 2013 by in Blog, Team Building

The best corporate team building location is wherever you are…   Really? Yes, really…   Because what you’re doing is more important than where you are. The best corporate team building will always be a program that’s guided by your objectives and your concerns. Are you in need of unification after a merger & acquisition? Do you need to build trust after downsizing? Do you just want to have fun? Figuring out your objectives is the first critical step to planning a successful team building activity.

Corporate Team Building, Anywhere

So let’s assume you’ve bought into my argument above and you’ve defined just why you’re planning a team building event. At that point, you can begin to plug your objectives into available programs. For example; let’s say you want to build trust through an activity that’s a bit edgy and exciting, without being too dangerous. Here’s a company that will help you accomplish that through white water rafting. Let’s say the water cooler conversation at your office is obsessed with the TV show, The Amazing Race. Guess what? There’s several companies out there providing Amazing Race corporate team building.

best corporate team building locations

In the office but Out Of The Box!

Onsite or Offsite

My music based team building program is differentiated from outdoor adventure activities in that it can be held anywhere. Our program is story based and informed by the universal appeal music holds. Great songs tell stories. Company songs distill lots of information into succinct and powerful emotional messages. With our programs, we’ve been able to create out of the box experience even when we’re facilitating a program at your offices. We’re successful at bringing a bit of irreverence and fresh air to your day to day environment. But if you decide to go off campus, there is nothing like a retreat or multiple day conference to help organizations bond, build trust and spark new ideas. If you are planning on holding an offsite retreat, this blog has some great do-it-yourself team building strategies.

So if you know why you’re there…the best corporate team building location is wherever you are…Really!