The Best 2014 Team Building Activity

Posted: Jan 20, 2014 by in Blog, Team Building

Finding the best 2014 team building activity will take you a few minutes. But it’s time well spent, and will increase the value of your investment in team building. An article on free team building resources is a good place to start the brainstorming process. If you click the preceeding link you’ll see many ways to use teambuilding. And once your head starts spinning please read below. I’m going to attempt to help you through the decision making process. This should better position you to choose a team building activity that’s a great fit for you company this year.

The Best 2014 Team Building Activity

If I told you there was one best program to choose from, it would be a lie. In the real world there is no static, ‘one best’. So let’s try to figure out what might be best for your particular workforce or team.

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What’s best for you?

  1. Establish your goals. I always send clients a pre-program questionnaire to help them establish what they’d like to get out of their team building program. Most people say they want to have fun. Additionally teams may want to integrate new members or focus on a strategic objective.
  2. Research different types of team building. Most people have bad associations with team building that’s been uncomfortable, boring or downright bad. But there are good team building facilitators out there. I’ve noticed that for a 2014 team building activity there are trending options. More and more groups want to focus on creativity programs. Story telling exercises, teambuilding with songwriting or creating art to tell an organizational story are viable, engaging and productive.
  3. Challenge vs pushing too far. A learning program should be a challenge. But too much of a challenge won’t be welcome by your colleagues. For example, white water rafting is great team building but some people will be so fearful they’ll be physically ill – that’s pushing too far.
  4. Objectives, Culture and Decision. To re-cap: Establish your goals and take into account the wishes of your team members. BUT – ultimately, someone needs to make a program decision knowing not everyone will be excited before the event. If you choose the best team building activity for your particular group, everyone should be excited and motivated after the event!

2 Responses to “The Best 2014 Team Building Activity”

  1. Guy

    Thank you, this is extremely informative (what for a richness in the links)and enlightening as it comes to making decision for the team leader.

    I’d like to add from my own experience 2 comments and 2 guidelines.

    Once you have written the rationals :
    – Trust yourself for the choice of activity : rely on your tastes, colleagues’ advice…
    – Don’be shy or impressed by the risks you’re taking. On the contrary, if you want behaviours within your team to evolve, be an example in your choice and trust your team to be able to achieve fun and success.

    And mostly rely on :
    – the feeling of confidence you have with the Team building person, the passion he (she) has to take your team in an imaginative journey, the way he (she) understands your situation and objectives.

    – the richness of the links you find in his (her) proposals with your own team objectives. The performance of a team building workshop lies in both the success of the experience and the practical benefits you can find in it. Ask him (her) to comment on these links with your team.

    My own practice is with ensemble music through singing. It is just incredible how a group can reach results that are far above the sum of individual skils. And all the people in my workshops say they’re so happy and proud of it. I also have testimonials on lastings effects.

    Have memorable experiences !

  2. Teambuildingsolutions

    Thanks for sharing these innovative ideas. I think that through proper games and tricks team building can be enhanced. One of my favorite game among them is dumb charades wherein communicating with the team members is quite essential.