I got a call the other day, (that sounds like the first line of a song, doesn’t it…)

But anyway, I got a call the other day about our Chicago team building events. The answer’s yes we’re available, ha hah. And as much as I love Nashville, there’s a reason we’re opening a second office soon in Chicago. There’s a lot to do in Nashville, but there’s sooo much to do in Chicago. Since we’re on the road all the time, team building from Seattle (this week) to Mississippi (next month) to Dallas (May), I could live anywhere. But Chicago just has something I’m digging. A lot of somethings! So I thought I’d put together a few resources to help you find great Chicago events. Consider this my own form of Chicago team building, for all of you.

Chicago Events Listings

  • ChicagoEvents.org – How cool is this! A list of events for the upcoming week’s category. You can look for arts & theater, social and charity, business oriented, and more. My favorite feature is that you can email a listing you like to a friend or add it to Outlook or iCal, very convenient. I’m going to bookmark this one. I consider this Chicago team building because of the easy share feature. You can get your entice your entire team to an event with the click of your mouse.
  • ChooseChicago.com – I’m a bit partial to Choose Chicago because I am a member. But the Windy City CVB really does a great job. This website is great if you’re planning a family visit to Chicago, or if you live there and need some new ideas. For professional meeting planners, there are great features…hmm…let’s see; if I type in the term team building, Kidbilly Music comes right up. I’m kinda liking that. But seriously, this is a great resource for anyone.
  • Metromix.com – Metromix is another comprehensive site that lets you search events by date, area of Chicago, and event type. It’s very useful if you’re looking for a particular time and place. And it’s quite extensive. One night I went to this site and got lost in it for about an hour. I ended up with a month’s worth of Chicago event ideas and no excuses to stay home bored.This Chicago event isn’t for everyone – Willis Tower Window Cleaning!
  • AroundChicagoEvents.com – For those of you trying to meet business professionals, this company sends out an email newsletter to coordinate networking! You can find organizations who do work similar to you for industry networking, or use this site to network in general to build your own company’s visibility.
  • CityofChicago.org – The official City of Chicago website obviously has lots of information about almost everything. But I hadn’t realized until now that the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events has information on just that. And who doesn’t like culture? I know I do. This site is worth visiting, and a must stop for residents. When I live in a city, I want to be a part of the community in an active way. Chicago team building starts with each of us and extends from individual, to family, to greater community.
  • Yelp – As always, there’s good ol’ reliable Yelp! The good thing about Yelp is that because it’s a social network, you can see who’s going where and read people’s comments and reviews about each event. When I travel, Yelp is my go-to place for ideas. And the Yelp app makes it easy when you’re on mobile.



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Billy is a Grammy & Emmy nominated, CMA & ACM award winning songwriter with numerous Top 10 hits to his credit. His team building programs and keynote speaking presentations help people tap into their creative abilities to become more innovative and engaged in their work. Clients include Fortune 100 companies and organizations throughout the world.