Any healthy organization needs a lot of different personality types to create and support a dynamic company culture. However, some personality types are more influential and likely to contribute to the positive development of company culture than others. If you are looking to infuse more energy and positivity into your company culture, look for any of the three personality types when hiring your next new staff members.

The Joiner

Always dreaming up new activities or events? Maybe you have sub-groups and clubs to support personal interests or company initiatives. But you struggle to maintain an active, engaged group of employees across the different groups. Well, “The Joiner” personality is game for anything. Starting an internal fitness club? The Joiner will be signing her name to the roster of company 5k participants. Fantasy football league? The Joiner will have her team name and logo ready for draft day! The Joiner is critical because he or she creates the foundation for which others will feel comfort in participating in new groups and events.

The Evangelist

Oh “The Evangelist”. Company leaders love The Evangelist because they eat, sleep and breathe company love. The Evangelist will carry your company mission to the ends of the earth and uphold the integrity of your company values both within the company and in public. Other staff members will be inspired by The Evangelist and encouraged to do more as well.

The Visionary

The Visionary is often a rare unicorn in the mix but it is in your company’s best interests to find them during any hiring process. The Visionary brings to the table not just what is good or what is right, but forward-thinking and progressive ideas that help bring the vision of the company leaders to life. Seth Godin calls this person the linchpin but in short, this role can exist in any department or at any level of the organization. Expect that The Visionary will bring compelling ideas and a long-term outlook to the table. Reward him or her by giving careful attention to ideas and credit where credit is due when ideas are implemented.

To increase the ranks of these personality types, inform your hiring managers about qualities to look for when interviewing and hiring. Make short lists of qualities and characteristics that are likely to identify potential and then put in place programs to bring out the best in these personality types on a regular basis.

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