How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

Posted: Sep 9, 2015 by

Last week, I surprised a group of several hundred people by taking the stage, not with my piano, but with an unfolded fitted sheet. I don’t know how to fold a fitted sheet and that’s a problem. So I asked this group of highly skilled sales executives if anyone knew how to fold a fitted sheet. I was was met with silence. Finally, I noticed someone in the back of the room, half raising her hand. I coaxed her into coming on stage and she then showed us all how it’s done. Thunderous applause and I thought to myself, ‘yikes, how am I going to follow that?’ Can you find the person on your team who knows how to fold… Read more »

When Team Building Works

Posted: Aug 31, 2015 by

Aargh…what’s in a name? Team Building, that tarnished term – that much maligned activity. When it doesn’t work, it’s hard, it’s boring, it’s embarrassing. But, when team building works it’s really fun. It’s worth doing and it can really help pull your team together. If you’re reading this, you most likely need to find a team building activity that is enjoyable in a genuine way. That’s not easy. But like all great things in life, when team building works, the effort you put into finding it pays off. I’m not much on team building in general. I used to be the kid hiding out during annual family picnics, trying to avoid group interaction. And like a lot of professional performers,… Read more »

Chicago Team Building With Music

Posted: Aug 5, 2015 by

We’ve had lots of fun lately with our Chicago team building with music clients. Since establishing our Chicago team building through song office a couple of years ago, we’ve seen our events in Chicago grow exponentially. There are fantastic venues that inspire a great experience, from Buddy Guy’s Blues Club to the Chicago Recording Company. These great Windy City spots enable us to create really special Chicago team building with music events. Here’s an overview of one program. Chicago Team Building Client Goals A meaningful experience that will bring everyone together, out of the office! Re-motivate the team to focus on their successes and continue with challenges ahead Highlight and better understand this team’s identity and mission. How We Do… Read more »

Team Building Activities For Large Teams

Posted: Aug 3, 2015 by

Finding effective team building activities for large teams is tricky. No matter what you do, you won’t have the same level of individual engagement with a group of 500 versus a group of five…but you knew that! This doesn’t mean you can’t find great programs for your large group. But you should have realistic goals to find a good match. When clients reach out to me asking about team building activities for large teams, they’re most often looking for a less boring keynote session or a conference icebreaker. I’ve developed a program that goes way beyond less boring. Here at Kidbilly Music, we’ve found a way to deliver interactive, fast paced large group sessions that are not only fun, they’re… Read more »

Innovation Management

Posted: Jul 24, 2015 by

The practice of creativity and innovation management should be closely linked. But too often they’re not. Too often, organizations create innovation management teams but they don’t empower them with the culture, freedom or confidence to engage in creative play, to experiment and fail. I recently spoke with a client who said his team was hampered by the proof they had to submit, before even engaging in new product ideation. As a life long hit songwriter and pianist I’m always aware that for every success I have, there will be many more ideas discarded. Companies need to keep that in mind too! Create a Culture for Innovation Management Failure – Failure is a great thing. It means your team is trying… Read more »

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Posted: Jun 22, 2015 by

Why should you step out of your comfort zone? After all, there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable. But usually, to innovate, to change or to grow you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone. Even for creative types like me, it’s not always easy to try something new. It involves risk and triggers fear of failure. Innovative companies know that part of innovating is experimentation. In order to be a truly innovative organization you should have a company culture that supports experimentation, play, open discussion and using trial and error, without judging the error to harshly. When I work with clients to help them harness their creative abilities, I share a concept I call ROInspiration®. It’s a way of… Read more »

2015 Nashville Team Building Programs

Posted: May 27, 2015 by

As May draws to a close, we’ve just about recovered from some recent and fun 2015 Nashville team building programs. Nashville remains a hot destination for conferences and we’re glad to be able to bring our music team building to visiting groups. We usually help companies or associations create songs about the work they do, but a couple of weeks ago, we worked with a tour group of RV owners…a bit different for us. We took advantage of an opportunity unique to Nashville team building programs – we held the event at the famed Oceanway recording studio. As you might imagine, each of the four teams we worked with came up with colorful lyrics about life on the road and… Read more »

Our Team Building Chicago Program

Posted: May 11, 2015 by

Our team building Chicago program last week at the Renaissance Chicago downtown was really memorable, and in a good way! We led a group of 125 attorneys from across the globe through our music team building program. This international group was comprised of people who spoke many different languages, brought together by an alliance of services they offer in human resource law. I love when we have the opportunity to work with global companies because we get to prove the power of music as a universal language. Music is a great leveler, allowing people of different seniority and different experience to work as peers. And sometimes hierarchy gets stood on it’s head, as junior team members with musical experience get… Read more »

2015 Chicago Team Building Activities

Posted: May 1, 2015 by

It’s already May, so I’m a little late with this post about 2015 Chicago team building activities. But it’s taken a while to thaw out after the cold winter. Now that spring is in the air, there’s no place like the Windy City to get together with your team. Chicago is really unique. It’s got lots of charm, lots of culture, great energy and diversity. And yet Chicago is accessible in a Midwest sort of way. It’s an easy city to visit and an easy city in which to live and work. Regardless of where you hold a team building event, there’s an important foundational requirement for a success program. And that’s to make sure that whatever you do, it’s… Read more »

Elite Teams and the Value of Team Building

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Below is a guest post from Lawrence Polsky, Co-Founder of Teams Of Distinction. Conventional wisdom holds that weak teams are the ideal candidates for team building exercises and programs. But paradoxically, it is actually exceptional teams that may benefit the most from this. How can that be? Why Elite Teams Reject Team Building, But Are Its Best Candidates Think of two groups of golfers. One is composed of beginners and the other of experts. They each get a training session. The former will learn some of the basics but the latter have the real opportunity to achieve a real breakthrough. They don’t have to dwell on the basics. The best players are focused on small adjustments to their game –… Read more »