Why Team Building Exercises At Conferences Are Not Optional

Posted: Jan 11, 2016 by

When planning the agenda for an upcoming conference, many coordinators will find themselves asking whether there is a need for a team building exercise. Should all the participants get up and do an activity? What kind of icebreaker could help energize the group? Is this the kind of event that warrants a team building exercise? While the first two questions are valid and worthwhile, the third question is redundant and likely hypothetical. Because the answer will always be any conference worth anything at all will warrant a team building exercise. A Conference Should Always Include Team Building Exercises Whether your conference is aims to set the next stage of annual marketing goals or to drive leadership among rank and file… Read more »

Can Events Help Seasonal Affective Disorder In Employees?

Posted: Jan 7, 2016 by

January can be a tough time for employees. From coming back to a new grind after a long holiday to continuing to muster energy and excitement during a dreary winter season, employees face tough challenges to stay on task at work during the first month of the year. While we aren’t claiming to be psychologists or experts in seasonal affective disorder in employees, we do have the benefit of having inspired and connected with many groups of people over the years, which leads us to believe that events can help keep team members happy and on task. Do Events Make Teams Happy and More Productive? Well-planned and executed events can inspire huge upticks in productivity and general increase overall employee… Read more »

7 Ways To Get Over Fears of Public Speaking

Posted: Jan 2, 2016 by

Picturing a room full of people naked? That’s old news. It also just might make you weirdly uncomfortable if your boss is sitting in the front row! However, the age old advice is not without its more helpful counterparts–ideas that will actually help you get over your fear of public speaking and rock your next public performance. Whether you’re about to get on stage at a music team building event or simply have to give a presentation at work, be prepared to finally get past your fear of public speaking. 1 – Practice Makes Perfect – Perfect Public Speaking That Is Yes, this one is obvious (we promise, they won’t all be so simple). But the truth is, practicing will… Read more »

The Basics of Planning Music Team Building

Posted: Dec 28, 2015 by

There are a lot of ways to plan and manage music team building. For example, you could hire a professional music team building company. Or, you could go it alone and find a musically-inclined champion for your homegrown event. Either way, you are going to need to know the basics for planning music team building. Want to learn the ropes? We have you covered today. Five hundred people cannot effectively contribute to a single musical piece, at least not in a way that keeps the majority engaged. You may end up with a small number of contributions at the end, but setting up your team structure for the day is important to keep everyone feeling involved and part of the… Read more »

Our Best Team Building Resolutions for 2016

Posted: Dec 23, 2015 by

Are you setting your team building goals for next year? Perhaps you are starting with improving processes and procedures among your team or maybe improving training across your department or improving productivity. Whether you have a long list of goals to reach or are scratching your head over the idea of where to begin implementing improvements, we have created a list of team resolutions to include in your 2016 planning. Team Building Resolution #1: Pre-Plan Unique Events and Activities Used to scrambling last minute to pull together all the elements of your team events? Make 2016 the year you have a cohesive strategy and purpose for every event. From early announcements to fun icebreakers, mapping out your event in advance… Read more »

How To Create Team Building Activities That Don’t Suck

Posted: Dec 19, 2015 by

Team building can be fun or, quite frankly, can seriously suck. The difference between great team building activities and the “other ones” can vary based on your style and ideas but in general, following a basic formula for structuring a team building activity will help make sure your next activity doesn’t suck. And yes, we promise! Keep Team Building Activities Fun Fun may not be your only goal, but if it isn’t at least one of your goals, you might as well not have any goals. Placing fun prominently among your priorities can help make sure your attendees have a great experience—and leave with the right takeaways. From creating positive memories with team members to inspiring and invigorating individuals to return… Read more »

5 Key Elements of Great Music Team Building

Posted: Dec 15, 2015 by

Music team building is a niche but rapidly expanding corner of the team building industry. Supported by a mix of creativity and innovation, it provides attendees with a inspirational combination of key elements that (when done right) make for some pretty serious and amazing results. But achieving this kind of synergy and output isn’t without some “magic”—magic in the form of specific elements you need to make sure are included in your next music team building event. A Professional Musician As Facilitator There are plenty of organizers offering to host your next music team building event—but not all come with the awards and accolades that a professional musician brings to the table. Skip the second (or lower) tier offers and… Read more »

How To Ensure Innovation in Team Building Activities

Posted: Dec 11, 2015 by

Team building activities can range from the bleak to the awe-inspiring. The goal, of course, is to bring team members together in a way that inspires them to grow and develop as individuals and as a team, ultimately produces better, more meaningful results from the collective output. However, the extent to which any given team building activity recognizes success often hinges on the amount of innovation infused into it. If you want your team building activity to succeed, your best bet is to ensure innovation is a major pillar in your team-building plan. Avoid The Team Building Activities Rut We see a lot of groups attempting to break out of their team building rut in our daily journeys—and we know… Read more »

Positive Words That Begin With The Letter C

Posted: Dec 7, 2015 by

Confident, celebrate, contribute and, for us song writers, creative! Positive words beginning with the letter C leave a lot of options for use in your writings. Use them in a song, your next company email or even just your next passing conversation. The power of positivity cannot be overestimated. Inspire your team through example, encourage your staff, and find positive ways to communicate even when the message may be about change or improvement. -Kidbilly Music

Why Public Speaking Is One Of The Most Important Skills

Posted: Dec 4, 2015 by

Discussions of public speaking courses bring up sitcom-like memories for some—and complete panic for others. From high school to college to professional training programs, the element of improved speaking looms large in many educational settings. While fears of speaking in public (and overcoming them) are the topic of many articles, the reasons for mastering the skill aren’t always apparent to non-performers. However, from the most minute of public speaking responsibilities to full-blown presentations and lectures, understanding that this is one of the most important skills you can have will help inspire you to master the art and reap the benefits of mastery. What Is Public Speaking? In general, public speaking is simply the act of presenting or otherwise communicating in a… Read more »