Where We’ve Worked

We’re getting close to being able to change the title of this page to, “Where Haven’t We Worked”! We started as a Nashville based music team building events company, but we quickly grew beyond Music City’s borders to become a global company.

We currently have offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Nashville. We’ve led team building events in London, Los Angeles, San Diego, Switzerland, Altanta, Washington DC, Detroit, Phoenix, Baltimore, New York, Denver, Dallas, Seattle and Indianapolis – just to name a few. Although we’re veteran travelers, the Kidbilly Music crew is still like an excited group of kids when we meet at the airport to head out for our next event.

But what’s more important than bragging rights to a geographical claim, is to understand the reason our clients invest time and resources in our creative team building events program. It’s something we call ROInspiration®.


Our clients work with us because we combine fun and powerful engagement with real value, creating a different kind of ROI. Inspiration and innovation are vital components to evolving and sustaining successful organizations. When you tap into your individual and collective inspiration, all the members of your team experience creativity and the potential to innovate on a powerful level. Organizations like Microsoft, The Walt Disney Company, Noranda Aluminum, Pfizer, Novartis, Honeywell Aerospace, Unilever, Sodexo, Vanderbilt University, PwC, Libbey Glass, Harley-Davidson, Sotheby’s, MPI, PCMA, ASTD and SHRM have all partnered with us.  What we do helps them discover the best of what they do.

team building events worldwide

Our hit songwriters headed to work with you

Music’s the universal language – That’s why our team building events are worldwide!

We often lead sessions for international companies with participants from around the globe. For us that means finding ways of incorporating different cultures and languages into our musical team building events. Music crosses barriers and builds bridges quickly. No matter where our participants are from, they all have music in their lives, just like you.