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Los Angeles Team Building

I can’t help myself, I just love getting out to the Los Angeles area. So anytime we have an opportunity to provide Los Angeles team building, I jump at it. Ok, I know what you’re thinking. I jump at every team building opportunity, duh…! But seriously, every locale has a personality that influences the creative process and the particular energy we bring to our team building programs in those areas. Los Angeles team building is loose and laid back, yet still purposeful and meaningful. Wescom Credit Union’s Goals – Los Angeles Team Building Get on the same page and unify a large group Create an ice breaker event that launches a successful meeting Re-energize a team by celebrating accomplishments afterContinue Reading

Team Building Nashville with Pulte Group

Pulte Group home builders wanted a true team building Nashville experience. We’d discussed working with this company about a year ago but our schedules didn’t align at the time. Music based activities and Music City are a natural fit, so I was so glad they reached out to us again for their return visit to Nashville this fall. This group of attorneys and their support staff, made up of para-legals and administrators, split into two groups for a funtastic afternoon of musical team building. Team Building Nashville Goals Pulte wanted us to provide an activity that enabled everyone to share mission, goals and to learn from each other in a fun, highly engaging environment. A process that allowed every participantContinue Reading

All The News That’s Fit To Print

I’ve always wanted to say that, all the news that’s fit to print. Of course I’m not printing on my blog. But I grew up with that New York Times catch phrase and I associate it with good quality written material. So this is the inaugural post to our news section. It’s a bit self-serving because this is the place where I’ll get to talk about the cool, funtastic team building events myself and my crew of hit songwriter facilitators travel the globe delivering. I’ve generally been more focused on blogging about my passion for demystifying creativity and helping organizations create their narrative through song…while having a bit too much fun. But my cool and wonderful new inbound marketing teamContinue Reading