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September Musical Team Building Activities

I’m just gonna roll events from our September musical team building activities into one post. Because this was our busiest September and it might take me until next September to write a separate post about each event we’ve just facilitated. Part of what I sell is the power of story. Story and music = song. A powerful example of how a great identifying phrase evokes story and emotion is the Kellogg’s phrase I grew up with…They’re GR-R-REAT! (Tony the Tiger). So when I received an email inquiry from a PHD at Kellogg with a picture of Tony the Tiger and that catch phrase at the bottom of the email I was hooked. My wife and I made a long weekend…Continue Reading

Phoenix Team Building Events

Whew! This is my first time back home for more then three days in a row in a while, and I’m finally catching up on my to-do list. We had a great Phoenix team building event with Honeywell Aerospace back in August and I’ve been wanting to share news about it. The Honeywell Aerospace Integrated Supply Chain doesn’t get a lot of PR.  Supply chain folks tend to be behind the scenes. But they’re the people who get it all done. It’s very rewarding to bring some fun and focus to people who spend a lot of time behind the scenes quietly doing their jobs. Honeywell Aerospace Phoenix Team Building Goals Enhancing employee engagement Exploring the challenges of a changing…Continue Reading

Washington DC Team Building

Last week I had the pleasure of working with a large medical association, leading them through their Washington DC team building activity. The group was made up of a high performing team that plans meetings and events for one of the largest associations out there. Pardon the pun, but my task was to provide the team with a tune-up. Our group songwriting process enables teams to recharge, and diffuse tension that builds up over time. Even the best working teams need tune-ups from time to time. Washington DC Team Building Goals Recharge a high performing team Restate goals and share best practices Open better lines of communication Celebrate all that’s been accomplished When we help groups create songs around the…Continue Reading

Corporate Team Building Activities New York

Every region has it’s own unique program offerings, influenced by local culture. Corporate team building activities New York are varied with lots of great options. We recently led a team building program for  L’Oreal North American Operations in the New York tri-state area and it was one of the more memorable team building events we’ve done. Eight songwriters and myself led close to three hundred people. We broke into teams and created nine unique songs about this company’s experience. Corporate Team Building Activities New York Goals This group of company leaders wanted an activity that would enable them to celebrate success while illuminating facets of their work and their role within the larger organization. They wanted to share their organizational…Continue Reading

Billy Kirsch Speaking at ASTD International Conference

Last year my good friend, David Hutchens, and I presented an innovative energizer at The ASTD International Conference and Exposition in Denver. It was a mash-up of David’s presentations around organizational storytelling and my music team building program. The underlying motivation for David and myself to do the program was our friendship. We thought it would be a good chance to hang out while doing some experimental speechifying! We were right on both counts. We had fun in Denver, made new friends and our speaking presentation was so cool that ASTD invited us back. ASTD International Conference 2013 So this year, we’re headed to the ASTD International Conference in Dallas. Our program is part of the ASTD Innogizer series…innovative energizers…innogizer…get…Continue Reading

Smart Meetings Seattle Team Building

In the meetings and events industry, where fresh ideas are vital to creating successful programs, creativity needs to be paramount. So when I was invited to speak at the Smart Meetings Event in Seattle last week, I jumped at the chance. I knew I’d find a receptive audience, one that would resonate with my topic of Harnessing Your Creative Power. I don’t really offer traditional speaking presentations, as much as interactive experiences that help folks rediscover their innate creative ability by participating. Whether I’m speaking to a group of 100 or 1,000, the experience is much like my team building programs in that everyone contributes through creative exercise. Seattle Team Building Goals This group needed an educational presentation; meaning a…Continue Reading

Nashville Speaking Presentation

I’m excited about my upcoming presentation for the Tennessee Student Pharmacists association. I’ve been thinking all week long about how pharmacists need to use their creative powers in their daily professional lives. I have lots of examples and a few funny ones… My main goals with all my speaking presentations are to create a fun, inclusive atmosphere and to make sure everyone leaves feeling confident and inspired in their ability to be more creative. Creativity is fun and it’s valuable, not only in our work life, but in our personal lives too. I’ll see some of you on Saturday – here’s a sneak preview… Billy Kirsch Upcoming Keynote Speech from Kidbilly Music on Vimeo. Continue Reading

Chicago Team Building, See You Soon

Have I mentioned Kidbilly Music is growing like a weed… And with music being such a great part of Chicago culture, it’s a natural that we open an office to support the growth of our Chicago Team Building programs. I’m excited about the additional energy our Chicago office will add to our Nashville office and our programming. Since I’ll be spending more time in Chicago, I guess I should start looking at current events in the Windy City. It looks like Derrick Rose is about to make his comeback to the Chicago Bulls. It’s comforting to know that I won’t be the only one participating in Chicago team building this spring. Why Chicago Team Building? Okay, I’ll be totally honest.…Continue Reading

My Team Building Nightmare

This is kind of embarrassing but that’s never stopped me from telling a story before! I had a team building nightmare. In my dream, before I woke up in a cold sweat, one of my competitors was chasing me up a mountain trail accompanied by three goons wielding huge knives. It was quite real and woke me up with a start. The embarrassing part is that I’m actually dreaming about team building… But the next morning, as I told my wife about the nightmare, I began to think it’s kind of cool that I care so much about this business that it’s creeping into my dreams. I’ve never been accused of doing things half-way and I’m willing to make mistakes…Continue Reading

Orlando Team Building Event

YES…mission accomplished…too much fun and so many friends at PCMA Convening Leaders last week. My Orlando team building session was a success. In fact, this presentation of Harnessing Your Creative Power was a lock for me, a step to the next level and here’s why. Internalizing the Program I’ve never considered my speaking presentation my strongest suit. I’d rather be at the piano when I’m delivering content. I’d rather be innovating while I’m talking about innovating, and creating music while I’m talking about creativity. Makes sense, doesn’t it? But when I began to do speaking presentations I got a bit bogged down in the mechanics of the ‘speaking part’. I knew I had to focus on a step-by-step process to…Continue Reading