Do Corporate Team Building Events Increase ROI?

I’m so very careful when I talk about the ROI of team building. Metrics are hard to come by. And I’m not one to exaggerate to try to gain new business. But there is ROI from corporate team building on two levels. From my perspective as a life long creative type I know well the value of ROInspiration®. Inspiration boosts engagement and the sense of ownership team members feel for group mission. This opens the door to innovative problem solving. In addition to the soft concept of inspiration, your monetary investment in team building will be returned if you align your goals with your spend and the type of program you choose. What To Expect From Your Corporate Team BuildingContinue Reading

Team Building Activities With A Purpose

I do love StumbleUpon because I find inspiration in unexpected places. A lot of my research focuses on how to tie team building activities into the creative process. That’s what we do here at Kidbilly Music, but I always want to learn what other folks are doing. I stumbled onto this post about the Disney creative strategy and I think it’s great. It beautifully summarizes how to marry creativity with purpose to achieve results. Team Building Activities with Purpose Even seemingly improvised, creative team building activities are guided by process and purpose. While I love to describe creativity as a messy and uncharted journey, the truth is there’s a discernible process that all creative people use. That’s not to say it’sContinue Reading

Creative Team Building Tips

Hmm…a few days ago a client asked me for some creative team building tips. After the fun of our facilitated team building program, they wanted follow up activities to continue the energy we helped this corporate team experience. To my way of thinking, creative team building means two things: The first is to think about the team building environment you create, rather than to just think about creativity. The second is to then think about creativity as the basis for team building. Create the Best Setting for Team Building You need to set the stage for success. To create an environment that makes it comfortable for people to step outside their comfort zones. You need to allow participants time toContinue Reading

Three Fun Creative Team Building Activities

Here are three fun creative team building activities you should consider. They all involve group work, the creative process and deadlines. Many of us don’t associate creativity with deadlines.  It’s stereotypical to associate daydreaming and musing with creative output. Having time to explore and to experiment is part of innovating and problem solving. But learning how to innovate, to problem solve and create on a deadline is important. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I’ve done some of my best work on tight deadlines. Goals and timelines can help us get in the zone and do things we didn’t know we could. Fun and creative team building activities enable groups to experience creative success on a deadline andContinue Reading

Creative Team Building Resolutions for 2013

My first creative team building resolution for 2013 is to do some creative team building. Okay, I know what you’re thinking…that’s redundant or too simple. But I’m setting up a dilemma here. That introductory statement could set me up for failure. What if you decide your resolution for 2013 is to get in shape? Will you sit down and create a road map to succeed? If you don’t, then you won’t succeed. So here are some fresh thoughts on how to make creative team building resolutions for 2013 and succeed. Creative Team Building Should Be Fun! Have you ever seen someone having fun who appears to be bored? Of course not. When we have fun, we’re engaged in whatever we’reContinue Reading

5 Ingredients For Building A Team

Unlike my mom who often keeps her recipe ingredients secret, I’m willing to share my 5 ingredients for building a team. These are certainly not the only 5, but they form a good basis for building a team in a natural way that should resonate easily with your group. Building a team with goals and objectives It may seem obvious that it’s easier to achieve your objectives when you know what your goals and objectives are. But you’d be surprised how many workforce teams function based on history and old patterns that may no longer be relevant. The first step is to take time to establish your goals through group activity or a team building event. Communication is key inContinue Reading

Team Building Seminars Worth Knowing About

Team building seminars are not that easy to find. There are lots of corporate team building programs, some better than others, of course… But if you do a Google search for team building, you may not stumble onto a great seminar for yourself, your leaders or your HR team. Good team building seminars can help you gain insight into building better teams, understanding group dynamics and the importance of roles and diversity within your workforce. As a team building event facilitator, I’ve attended programs just to learn more about the challenges my clients face on a day-to-day basis, long after we work with them through our music team building program. Building Successful Teams In NYC There’s a team building seminar comingContinue Reading

Best Team Building Activities for 2013

I thought I might do some research for this post about best team building activities for 2013. Then the winter holiday took hold and any thoughts of research were overtaken by family time. Holidays are a time when we don’t have to feel guilty for procrastination about work. But us creative types rarely feel guilty about procrastination. Because we know that down time is often the best time to re-fill the well with ideas. And accordingly, I stumbled on an accidental type of research about the best team building activities for 2013 during my recent winter break. The Best Team Building Activities for 2013 Start At Home! Good team building re-engages a team Team building addresses relationship problems that areContinue Reading

Billy Kirsch Speaking Presentation at PCMA Convening Leaders

I’m excited to be presenting my program, Harnessing Your Creative Power at PCMA Convening Leaders in Orlando on January 16th. The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) meeting attracts well over 3,000 conference designers, educators, networking gurus, and other motivated and successful entrepreneurs from around the globe. The meeting is touted as one of the event industry’s most comprehensive educational and networking events. So how the heck did I get this invite? Practice, practice, practice…just kidding…well sort of but not really… When I started my program, Team Building Through Song, I wasn’t thinking about keynote speaking or educational breakout sessions. I was focused on the music team building I’m so passionate about. I was focused on the magic and power of theContinue Reading

Chicago Company Team Building Activities

The plethora of Chicago team building offerings reflects the city’s large demand for event and meeting activities. I consider Chicago to be our second home base, although I hate to talk much about home base when we’re constantly on the move with our musical team building. In fact, myself and the other great hit songwriters who work with my company are on the road now as often as we were in our younger band-on-the-bus-days. Chicago Company Team Building The culture, the geography and the musical themes of a city always impact my mood and my creative output. When we’re in Nashville, we’ll offer up country melodies as a foundation to the corporate songs we create with our clients. But whenContinue Reading