Los Angeles Team Building

I can’t help myself, I just love getting out to the Los Angeles area. So anytime we have an opportunity to provide Los Angeles team building, I jump at it. Ok, I know what you’re thinking. I jump at every team building opportunity, duh…! But seriously, every locale has a personality that influences the creative process and the particular energy we bring to our team building programs in those areas. Los Angeles team building is loose and laid back, yet still purposeful and meaningful.

Wescom Credit Union’s Goals – Los Angeles Team Building

  • Get on the same page and unify a large group
  • Create an ice breaker event that launches a successful meeting
  • Re-energize a team by celebrating accomplishments after a challenging period in their industry

Wescom sets aside one day a year to gather their entire workforce, almost eight hundred people. They call it the Super Star day. They recognize team members as the super stars they are. We brought out our own super stars to facilitate this program. The Kidbilly music team has written Grammy award winning songs, performed with greats such as Keith Urban and Faith Hill – and we were excited about helping Wescom employees create their story through song. With our all star band on stage and our hit songwriters roaming the crowd with wireless microphones, everyone in the room helped to create a dynamic lyric about the services Wescom provides. We used a Yammer feed to get additional lyric suggestions, enabling maximum participation from this large group.

Team Building Take Aways

  • A rousing unifying kick off event that got creativity flowing and broke through traditional hierarchy. Everyone from tellers to the CEO participated.
  • Information sharing en masse; Loan officers, auditors, phone center staff, tellers and marketing personnel all shared aspects of what they do. This contributed to a final song lyric that celebrates Wescom’s culture and defines what makes them a great resource for their customers.
  • Fun; bottom line is the energy and group interaction. This was the perfect set-up for a day of success that followed our musical energizer and ice breaker. After our event everyone was primed for innovation and the learning that followed. Financial industry experts spent the rest of the day presenting cutting edge information to this team.

Los Angeles team building
The best warm up for a day of industry education and celebration!
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